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To dream of an eclipse signifies that you are taking in life pleasures in abundance. If you consume too much alcohol and spend too many nights partying, then your health will be in jeopardy. You will endure a sudden yet fleeting letdown in business.

To dream of a lunar eclipse suggests that there are parts of you that you have buried, but they will soon rise to the surface.

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To dream of smog implies that you have pessimistic and unconstructive feelings. Perhaps an issue in your life is causing you to feel this way. It may also mean that you should thoroughly research an issue before you come to a conclusion.

Trance  1 commented on this dream

To dream that you are in a trance means that you need to discover your identity. Explore and express your ideas and open yourself to others.

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To dream that you are bewildered implies that you are torn between conflicting opinions. You are finding it difficult to make a choice. These dreams mirror your real feelings of anxiety and hesitancy.

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To dream that things are blurry means that there is something you are refusing to recognize. It can also signify clandestine things and befuddlement. You might believe that a person is hiding something.

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Dreaming about an aerosol suggests that you are 'up in the air' or unsure about some aspect of your life. You are in a state of time-out spiritually thus use this particular dream as an opportunity to collect your thoughts and make a careful decision about where to go from here.

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