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To dream that you are in a penthouse pertains to the artistic and spiritual aspect of your personality. You are striving for attainment of your highest potential and looking for new perspective in life.

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To dream of a rug signifies your attempt to shy away from harsh realities, or to cover up for something you would rather hide. Try to recall the design and condition of the rug for additional interpretations of your dream. An old, worn-out rug suggests you are being manipulated, bypassed, and trampled on by others.

Basement  No comments yet

To dream about being in a basement represents your subconscious and sense of intuition. It shows how content you are in the subconscious realm.

To dream about a cluttered basement is an indication of conflicted feelings over some issue. It could also symbolize flaws that you see in yourself.

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To dream that you are out on the deck signifies your affiliation with your inner being and with nature that surrounds you. You should become attuned more to your background.

Down  No comments yet

To dream of moving downwards directly suggests that you may be doing so in life as well, whether with a poor decision or towards the wrong goal. 'Going down,' as in oral sex, may indicate that the dream has a sexual meaning.

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A long time ago, the hearth was considered as the most important part of a home, as it points to family warmth, values, and ownership. To dream of a hearth indicates similar ideas.

Carpet  No comments yet

Dreaming of carpet may signal a comfortable time in your waking life; note the color, texture or sentimental references of the carpet within the dream for clues to the unconscious messages here. To dream that you are sweeping a pile of dirt or dust under the carpet suggests the likelihood of family secrets and denial.

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A vinyl object in a dream represents false ideas or ingenious behaviors.
To wear vinyl clothing in a dream represents restriction of freedom.
To be powerful and strong in vinyl clothing symbolizes a thick skin and protection from emotional vulnerability.

Boxing Ring  No comments yet

Dreaming of being inside a boxing ring means you are about to make a difficult decision on something. If you are in the ring waiting for your opponent, you are driving the conflict. If your opponent is waiting for you in the ring and you are contemplating whether or not to climb in, you are at a crucial stage in your waking life. It is better to decide sooner though, rather than later about whether to confront the issue now or let it go by.

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