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It can be theorized that to dream of falling is a physical sensation of a drop on blood pressure. As this registers in the brain, the subconscious will alert you of it in this fashion. It produces a sinking feeling such as this. There is however, a religious side to this concept as well. In Christianity, a realm of eternal suffering is located beneath the surface of the Earth. It is called Hell. It is believed to be home to Demons, or Fallen Angels. These Angels were once in the paradise-like realm among the clouds called Heaven. Greed and jealousy however, turned them cruel and full of hate. This caused them to 'fall' down to the underworld.

Because of this, it is thought by some that to dream of falling represents your fall from purity and suggests that you have strayed from your spiritual path. Perhaps you have cheated someone or misled another. One may have this dream as a sign that they need to check and make sure that their thoughts are noble before they act on them.

But the most widely accepted meanings of falling dreams have nothing to do with science, nor with religion. Generally, if you fall within a dream, it is thought to have to do with balance, or rather a lack thereof. Most likely you have been increasingly stressed due to a recent failure in your life whether it is associated with your job, schooling or a relationship. This fall from glory is dreamt for the purpose of telling the dreamers to get up, dust themselves off and keep on trying.

It is also suspected that to dream of falling stands for your feeling of being below everyone else. The dreamer is belittling or torturing conscience to self-causing a low self-esteem. This type of dream is trying to make them aware of this and show them that they need to have more confidence in themselves and become well rooted so that they will not 'fall' at the first sign of opposition. They need to stand strong.

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To dream that you fall and are not frightened suggests that you will defeat your enemies without much effort.

To dream that you fall and are frightened represents that you do not have balance or power in your life. You could be undergoing massive difficulties or a problem that is consuming you. You may not have been able to attain your ambitions.

To dream that you are freefalling through water suggests that you are overcome with emotions. You may be sensing that it is simpler to give up rather than fight through the challenges.

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To dream that darkness comes upon you indicates defeat in a project that you might try. Darkness is symbolic of incomprehension, the unconscious, malice, death, and concerns about the unknown. If the sun pierces the darkness, you will be able to defeat the obstacles in your way. If you feel confident in the darkness, then you don't need to understand everything about things around you. The phrase 'ignorance is bliss' fits here.

To dream that you can't find someone in the dark suggests that your anger needs to be reined in and controlled. You allow your feelings to get the best of you.

To dream that you are lost in the darkness indicates a sense of despair, sadness, or uncertainty.

To dream that you are groping in the darkness signifies that you do not have enough knowledge about a particular topic to form a valid decision. Dig into the topic and don't make snap decisions.

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To dream of being soaked from the rain symbolizes a washing away of your blues and concerns. A dream involving rain may likewise stand for fertility and rejuvenation.

Seeing and hearing rain drops falling symbolizes clemency and grace.

To dream that you are watching the rain from a window represents spiritual thoughts and points of view that are being brought to your consciousness. It may also denote wealth and love.

To hear the tapping of the rain on the roof likewise signifies a realization of spiritual ideas and blessings from a higher spiritual being. It may also represent your blissful family life.

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To dream of sailing among calm, serene water indicates that your life has not been overcome with excessive trials and challenges. Pleasurable and satisfying experiences come to you without having to apply much effort.

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To dream of a shooting star symbolizes satisfaction and progression. A shooting star is also an indication of a baby's arrival or transformation.

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To dream that you slip on something implies that you are embarking on a journey or performing some action that you don't truly believe in.

To dream that you are wearing only a slip indicates that you are seeking to express your individuality. You don't want to follow the rules that everyone else lives by. It may also mean that you are now prepared to allow others to see a previously hidden quality or attribute.

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To dream of a snowflake symbolizes your search for excellence and decency.

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To dream that you surrender implies that you should eliminate certain issues or situations in your life.

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To dream that you are setting a trap means that you will employ dirty tactics in implementing your plans.
To dream that you caught an animal in a trap signifies goal completion and success.
To see an empty trap in your dream indicates disease and business failure.
To dream that you are caught in a trap denotes that you feel suffocated in your current career or personal relationship. It may also mean that you will lose to your opponent.

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To dream that you are tumbling denotes clumsiness. To see others tumbling means that the failure of others may spell your success.

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To dream of a waterfall is a symbol of release. Whatever you have been holding in during your waking life will soon be released. The waterfall is a physical representation of your life's desires and goals. Clear, cool waterfalls indicate a new lease on life.

If you dream of a waterfall cascading over you, consider your emotional state. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you been holding back your feelings? Face your feelings and your emotions as a step towards finding peace.