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To dream of being defriended indicates that you may have been in denial of a social anxiety that may be lurking within you. You may have been spending too much time on the computer making false connections and avoiding true intimacy. Dreaming that you are defriending another person is similar in that you may have been experiencing a false sense of power in the way you have been speaking to others online. Thus, you avoid taking any of the cyberspace connections to a more real level.

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To dream of receiving a facial indicates the potential for emotional and/or financial growth through self-expression. To be giving another person a facial suggests that you may feel a sense of fulfillment through accepting an invitation to speak at a social gathering.

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In a dream a meerkat symbolizes an attentive mind. You should be keeping watch in your life for whatever ideas might pop up. Keep an eye out for opportunity.
To dream that you are a meerkat implies that you are keeping a keen eye over your dream, and that the other symbols you see in that dream have great significance.

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To see or wear a gas mask in your dream indicates the need to practice filtering the information you take to heart.

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Dreams of throwing punches or fighting are a representation of inner turmoil. To be getting punched within a dream without defending yourself indicates that you are in search of inner peace.
If you tried to protect yourself in a dream and still got punched, it means that you are scared of losing.

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Having a black eye in a dream symbolizes defeat in waking life. Your black eye points to a blow you've taken recently. Experiencing a dream in which someone else has a black eye, you may be feeling bad for this person in waking life.
Not knowing the person with a black eye in your dream symbolizes your subconscious mind suggesting you to be more sympathetic and less argumentative.