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Explosion  2 commented on this dream

To dream about explosions represents a loss or something negative in business. You could also be burying feelings, especially deep anger, that should be dealt with before they destroy aspects of your life.

To dream that your face is blackened or mutilated by an explosion suggests that someone will charge you will false allegations and you will have to deal with them.

To dream that flames envelop you from an explosion indicates that companions who were not trustworthy will take advantage of you and your faith in them.

To dream about the sound of an explosion that you cannot see suggests that the difficulties you have faced in life will be replaced with peace after you have overcome obstacles.

Ammunition  No comments yet

To dream of ammunition could indicate that you are using influence and authority to convince others or keep safe. It can also mean that you are attempting to achieve your goals through devastating means.

Atomic Bomb  No comments yet

To dream of an explosion represents the liberation of negative and destructive feelings that were once hidden deep in the psyche. This eruption can become dangerous if no other proposed solution has proved to be successful. Seeing the explosion of an atomic bomb and its threat of radioactivity can be an indication of a sickness brought on by refusing to deal with these emotions of rage and ire.

Burst  No comments yet

To dream about something bursting is symbolic of anxiety and duress.

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*Please See Applause.

Eruption  No comments yet

To dream about an eruption suggests that the emotions you have buried will smash forth. You could be dealing with drastic changes in your waking life.

Demolition  No comments yet

To dream of a demolition suggests that an experience of complete deconstruction of a strongly held idea may be occurring in your waking life. Although there may be a sense of loss associated with a demolition dream, there is also the indication of rebirth. Be aware of what is being demolished, as this will give you an idea of how to approach the next step in your life.

Hand Grenade  No comments yet

To dream of a hand grenade indicates that you may be about to give someone some information that you have been guarding. Although you may feel that it is right to say what you know, you might need to examine your motives and the consequences should you tell. To be holding the hand grenade symbolizes a personal desire for drama and the ability to achieve it, but at a high cost.

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To dream about an outbreak suggests that you feel overrun by stress. One small problem has spread all over your life.

Bomb  No comments yet

Noticing a bomb in your dream is generally a symbol of short temper or outrage. A bomb appearing in your dream is often an indication of difficulty in managing anger or dealing with frustration. Recognizing what or who the bomb was targeted may give you a better clue as to who or what is making you so furious and feeling negative about it. Furthermore, if something or someone was destroyed by the bomb in your dream, consider how you felt afterward: were you relieved that it was finally over or were you depressed by the person or situation no longer existing? The former may imply that your anger is caused by this person or situation so much that you wish it could be over with, while the latter represents your feeling about something not going the way you'd like.

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