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Ring  10 commented on this dream

To dream of a ring on your finger represents your dedication to a relationship or a successful new enterprise. It also represents the trustworthiness of your ideals, responsibilities, and viewpoints.

To see a broken ring in your dream signifies an attack on your faithfulness. It points to displeasure and separation.

To dream that your ring was lost or stole indicates a similar case in your waking life. You may have lost a loved or cherished possession.

To dream that you receive a ring indicates the beginning of a trusting relationship after heights of jealousy and suspicion. You will finally see through your lover's sincerity and commitment.

Ringworms  No comments yet

To dream of having ringworms predicts discomfort from a slight sickness.

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To dream that you are a ringmaster indicates your determination in balancing a busy schedule. You are trying to bring some order back to your life.

Engagement  No comments yet

To dream that you are engaged to be married suggests your desire for intimacy or companionship. You could be attempting to quell your sense of isolation.

To dream that you end an engagement suggests a quick choice about something vital that you should think through.

To dream about a business engagement indicates fear or anxiety within your career life.

Boxing Ring  No comments yet

Dreaming of being inside a boxing ring means you are about to make a difficult decision on something. If you are in the ring waiting for your opponent, you are driving the conflict. If your opponent is waiting for you in the ring and you are contemplating whether or not to climb in, you are at a crucial stage in your waking life. It is better to decide sooner though, rather than later about whether to confront the issue now or let it go by.

Wedding Ring  1 commented on this dream

A wedding ring in a dream is a metaphor for a long lasting personal relationship.
To lose a wedding ring in a dream indicates that you may be having problems in your personal life or have some anxiety over your relationship's future.
To be single and find a wedding ring in a dream indicates that you feel prepared to take your relationship to a higher level of commitment.

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To dream of playing at a gig indicates an ability to express yourself and aside the burdens of your daily life.

Hem  No comments yet

To dream of sewing a hem usually refers to an attempt to trim things and get them back in order. Perhaps you have an unfinished project or a pending issue that needs to be resolved. You don't want to live feeling indecisive about things.

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To dream that you are on a date indicates that you are uncovering aspects about yourself that have been previously hidden. You are accepting your innate abilities. This dream could also represent your concerns or fears about dating.

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To dream that you are a gang member represents your desire to accomplish your goals through the use of force and threats.

To dream that you are confronted by a gang suggests that there are certain situations that are 'ganging up' on you and becoming more than you can handle.

Belt  2 commented on this dream

To dream of a belt indicates a restricted course of energy of life. You could be experiencing issues between your instincts and ideology. A belt can also represent control and retribution.

Cameo  No comments yet

To dream of a cameo role in a play or film suggests an unusual invitation which, if accepted, could lead to an interesting opportunity.
To dream of a Cameo Brooch is indicating a hidden sadness attached to family and/or money.
To dream of a cameo with the picture of a child or baby suggests a need to spend more time nurturing the self.
Dreaming of a cameo with your own picture shows the need to connect spiritually and forgive another for a perceived wrongdoing.
To dream of finding a cameo can suggest an awakening of an important memory or the release of a family secret bringing with it a sense of relief.

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A helix in a dream represents conflicting emotions. You may feel torn about a decision ahead of you, and you are wishing for a compromise which seems impossible to achieve. Alternatively, a helix in a dream may represent a stable balance of two opposites.
A helix can indicate harmony and resonance, an appreciation for the necessity of difference. You may have finally realized it is not necessary to choose.

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An arena is a place typically used for theatrics or feats with an audience, so this dream means that you need to be in an environment where you can freely express yourself, or that you need a stage or platform for your self-expression. Alternatively, it may be warning you that there is some issue or problem that needs to be revealed to people around you.

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To see or wear an anklet in your dream symbolizes the path you are travelling on and what choices brought you to that point. It may also represent feelings of enthusiasm and desires of a sexual nature.

Battle  1 commented on this dream

A dream in which you see or participate in a battle is a sign that you are working too hard. You should take some time off. It's also an indication of a clash between your levelheaded thoughts and impetuous acts.

The battle can also indicate sexuality, and that you are too aroused or might be restraining your desires.