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To dream that you have a lack or absence of soul implies that you need to be more in touch with your inner personality. You will feel more complete once you are able to accomplish this.

To dream that your soul is leaving your body indicates that you feel ashamed of yourself. Perhaps you have conceded your morals and ideals. You may be distancing yourself from others. Make a slight alteration to some aspect in your life and you will feel revitalized and complete.

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To dream of seeing or eating spaghetti implies that you feel trapped in a situation involving someone else. It's possible that you want to move on but aren't sure of which procedure to use. This issue is making you feel awkward.

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To dream of a spoon implies that you should assist those in need by offering food and water. It could also indicate that you or someone you know is receiving priority over others.

Stealing  2 commented on this dream

To dream that you are stealing implies that there is a deficit or void in some aspect of your life. Pay attention to where you are stealing from. This can suggest what you are lacking. Your ambitions are not being fulfilled. It can also indicate that you are reaching for unrealistic objectives.

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To dream of The Supremes represents achievements in everyday life. You may even subconsciously believe yourself to be supreme or superior to others. You may believe that you reign over a current life situation.

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To dream of a sweater represents the bonds you share with your relationships and family. It also signifies inexperience, simplicity, and virtue. To dream that you are knitting a sweater symbolizes your creativity. Perhaps you should learn to be more tolerant.

Theater  1 commented on this dream

To dream about being in a theater means that pleasure will come from impending friendships. Think about how what's onstage mirrors things in your daily living. See how the actors' roles relate to you. Maybe you're assuming a different guise.

To dream that you are laughing or clapping in a theater means that you want to have fun now, instead of concentrating on future success.

To dream about a fire in a theater indicates that you are gambling when taking on fresh endeavors.

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To dream about issuing threats means that you need to be more emphatic.

To dream that someone is threatening you shows that you must deal with your worries about weakness.

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To dream about seeing or wearing a tie indicates your responsibilities to others. It could also be more literal - that some person or situation is 'tying you down.'

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To dream of a trickster represents the dark side of your persona which may be related to deceitfulness and cruelness.