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To beg in a dream symbolizes your desperation in a manner that anxiety develops due to money or your financial problem. You may be in a situation where you would rather not ask friends or family for monetary help.
Being approached by a beggar in your dream is your unconscious mind telling you to appreciate and be gratified with your current given situations because any of those situations could have been worse.

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Observing someone or something from below in your dream is an indication of just not being good enough. Whether you are below this object or the person may have some sort of power or authority over you, it implies insufficiency, mediocre or substandard thus it may be reflecting your feeling of lacking or being lowly in your waking life.

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Dreaming of a black hole generally symbolizes fear, specifically a fear of disappearing or being forgotten.
Alternatively, dreaming of a black hole can also represent a place to put things you want to forget or erase, such as guilt, sadness, or other negative feelings.

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Dreaming of a body bag means you are likely feeling helpless or disconnected from your life. You may feel as though you are observing your life from above.
Alternatively, a body bag in your dream symbolizes sadness and grief being zipped and carried away, a symbol of you moving forward with your life. Finally, a body bag could also suggest as your subconscious preparing for death in some way if you're terminally ill or of an elderly person.

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Dreaming of a Bohemian lifestyle, fashion or decor denotes your natural desire to bring more comfort and free-spirit into waking life.

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To dream of being able to specify bologna means that something you believe is nonsense, as in "that's bologna!" Consider where you see the bologna; it is usually in close proximity to something or someone you believe is 'nonsense'. Bologna specifically in your dream is a way of validating how you feel about absurd situation in waking life.

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Being inside a bomb shelter in your dream means you need to protect yourself from unexpected ridicule, sadness or anger. Someone's anger or frustration may be affecting you negatively which could end up hurting you emotionally or physically. Your dream is alerting you by placing yourself inside a bomb shelter to shield you from this or some other type of pain, rage, mockery or misery caused by someone.

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Dreaming that you are taking a Breathalyzer test represents guilt that stems from a bad decision. You were likely not caught or confronted about your poor judgement, but subconsciously you know that you could have been caught and it could have turned out much worse.

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Dreaming of a buffet symbolizes overindulgence. Generally, eating at a buffet restaurant doesn't indicate negative overindulgence but rather it signifies more of a free-spirited, happy overindulgence like laying on the couch all day watching movies or calling in sick to go on a long weekend vacation.

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To dream about having bulimia is a negative sign, and it's generally a symbol of guilt or secrecy that is figuratively eating away at you.
It can also be a symbol of low self esteem or confidence that should be addressed immediately. It may be a good time to get regular medical checkup.