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Vishnu in a dream symbolizes truth, mercy, compassion, love and grace.
To meet Vishnu in a dream indicates that you are seeking spiritual guidance and strive to become more compassionate or are seeking a higher truth.

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Voldemort in a dream represents an antagonist in your life. Voldemort may also represent negative feelings, thoughts, or emotions inside yourself.

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Dreaming of acupuncture may indicate that you're currently under a lot of stress, and the mental pressure of a certain situation is manifesting itself in physical pain. The acupuncture needles themselves symbolizes these pressures, while at the same time providing relief because it may be the start of a healing process.

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Dreaming about an afterlife suggests a desire to know what your future holds. This doesn't necessarily have to mean after death, but can also be applied to the present.
Alternatively, dreams of an afterlife can be deeply religious or an indication that you have recently changed your beliefs.
An afterlife may also symbolize a recent loss of someone close in your waking life.

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Dreaming about an air bag symbolizes the presence of protection and safety at the moment in your waking life.
Alternatively, if you dream about seeing the airbag deploy in a vehicle, it is a sign of warning that you're about to get hit with a major setback if you continue the current pace in your life.

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You are standing on top of a building, you enjoy the view, you take a deep breath and suddenly, you jump, falling and falling with no end in sight. You think to yourself, oh no, not this dream again! A recurring dream is often about a situation in which you feel helpless, like falling, being naked, or failing a test. Recurring dreams happen when there is something bothering you, and the problem continues to go unresolved. Many of us feel helpless when a problem continues unsolved for a long period of time.

In order to stop having recurring dreams, you need to identify the problem and help your mind to let it go. Sometimes the recurring dream actually contains a solution which your subconscious mind is struggling to express to your conscious mind. One way to solve your problem is to carefully analyze the symbolism of everything which occurs in your recurring dream in order to decode the message from your subconscious. Ask yourself questions about the dream which you might have initially thought were unimportant details. Where is the building? What made you jump off? Why did the dream end?

Many times, a recurring dream which appears to be the same over and over again actually contains subtle differences. Keep a dream diary and try to record every small detail that you can remember. If you remember any additional detail in your next dream, try to think back and remember if it was the same or different in the dream before. The differences between your recurring dreams can show you which symbols in the dream are more important than others. The symbols which do not change represent the underlying situation. The symbols which do change represent different ways of expressing the solution to your problem. If you can determine what the series of changing variables have in common, you may identify your answer.
Another way to stop recurring dreams is to try to actively change your dream. It is possible to control the actions you make while you dream, and this big change can cause a whole new collection of symbols to occur. For example, in a recurring dream where you are being chased, turn around and face your attackers! Learning their identity and showing your own strength may be just the boost you needed to overcome the anxiety producing this dream.

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Dreaming of antibiotics indicates dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life. You view this as an 'infection' and your dream represents the desire to cure it.

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The presence of an antiseptic in your dream indicates a desire to care for others. Dreaming of an antiseptic is also symbolic of cleansing and purification. In a sense, your subconscious may be telling you that your body requires a more natural diet in order to function properly.

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To dream of seeing yourself in a gas chamber indicates you are feeling trapped in your life or feel you are in a negative situation that is important to leave or get away from it.

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An arena is a place typically used for theatrics or feats with an audience, so this dream means that you need to be in an environment where you can freely express yourself, or that you need a stage or platform for your self-expression. Alternatively, it may be warning you that there is some issue or problem that needs to be revealed to people around you.