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Lava Lamp  No comments yet

To dream of watching a lava lamp indicates a desire for serenity and guidance. You may feel a need for direction in your life and are searching for a path.
Alternatively you may feel caught in a path which is circular, repeating itself again and again.
To dream of a broken lava lamp symbolizes your escape from a path which had been leading nowhere.

Lei  No comments yet

To dream of a lei symbolizes an open heart and an open door. You are welcoming of new people and new changes in your life. It may be time to try a new hobby, to take a vacation, or make a new friend. A lei may also symbolize a general feeling of optimism.

Lie Detector  No comments yet

A lie detector in a dream represents a test which you are trying to pass. You may have a secret which is bothering you and you are afraid of being caught. You may also have a big interview ahead, or a final exam, which is causing you stress.

Life Saver  No comments yet

A life saver in a dream refers to safety and comfort in your life.
To dream of colorful candy life savers represents happiness and security.
To dream of floating in a life saver indicates that you feel as though you have been rescued.

Lobotomy  No comments yet

To get a lobotomy in a dream indicates you are afraid of losing a part of your personality. In particular you may be afraid of losing your intelligence, or being exposed as a fool.
In a dream a lobotomy patient represents a part of your personality which you have shut out of your life. You may be embarrassed about personal shortcomings and have hidden them from others.

Loch Ness Monster  No comments yet

In a dream the Loch Ness monster represents a mystery either in your past or hidden within your personality. There may be untapped parts of your personality which contain great spiritual power and you are searching for a way to access them. You may also feel that your spiritual strengths are misunderstood by others or that others do not believe in you. Let your faith in yourself be your guide and you may be able to access this power.

Mass  No comments yet

A dream of mass symbolizes a connection to a set of religious principles.
To dream of going to mass and feeling a great relief represents your need to desire solace in a church or a friend or family member.
Say if you have never attended a Catholic mass before except in your dream, your subconscious may be borrowing symbolism in order to construct a space in which to express spiritual curiosity.

Meatballs  No comments yet

To eat meatballs in a dream is to feel comforted and close to home.
To make meatballs in a dream is to collect your thoughts. You may be forming a new idea.
Alternatively, to eat a meatball which you made in your dream symbolizes saving the idea for later.

Organize  No comments yet

To organize in a dream represents a logical decision making process. You might be trying to arrange your thoughts and feelings on a subject which is difficult to tackle in your daily life.
To dream of constant repetition and an urge to keep everything in its right place indicates that you desire an intense level of control while you are awake.

Overdose  No comments yet

To overdose in a dream indicates a lack of control over yourself. You may be struggling with depression or addiction in your daily life and it might be time to find assistance.
An overdose in a dream may also indicate that you are filling yourself with too many responsibilities and you desire help from others to get out of an overwhelming situation.