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To dream of seeing things in pairs suggests a fair and just person who doesn't enjoy being alone. Note the types of pairs for clues to resolve in waking situations. Are they matched or mismatched pairs?

To dream of pairs with missing components (e.g. socks without mates) implies anxiety about fulfilling an obligation or feeling alone in this world.

Deception  1 commented on this dream

To dream of deception suggests a lack of trust surrounding someone in your waking life. Deceiving somebody in your dream clearly indicates personal insecurity and a fear of being harmed. To be deceived by someone shows that you may have been in denial about a relationship and now is the time to be more honest. This will point your life in a positive direction.

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A hazard in a dream represents an obstacle you are trying to overcome or a danger which is looming in the background of your daily life.
To dream of being stuck within a golf hazard such as a pond or a bunker means that you are feeling frustrated with a recurring problem.

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To dream that you achieve recognition indicates that you are a naturally ambitious person.
To recognize someone in a dream can have many meanings. You may have unfinished business between you and the person, and your dream is asking you to recognize it.
Alternatively, your subconscious may be referencing a character trait that the person represents. For example, to see your mom in a dream may not directly represent her or your relationship with her, but it may refer to ideas of nurturing, compassion, family or love.