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A door knocker in a dream symbolizes an opportunity. You may have a choice presented to you in which you are called to take action and take risks with the hope of success.

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A dream in which you are an usher symbolizes your desire to care for others and help to give them guidance.
To be led by an usher in a dream indicates that you seek guidance for yourself.

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A dream about seeing a portal but not touching it or walking through it signifies that you have an urge to explore and escape the mundane day-to-day life you are currently leading. It is an idea of hope, fear, curiosity and escape.
If you dream of touching or are traveling through a portal, it indicates that you have an imposing presence in your life that you are still undecided about. It could be a person, new opportunity, or challenge you are facing but it is very imposing.
Traveling through a portal and coming out safely at the other side means that you are in search of higher consciousness.