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To dream that people or objects are disappearing right before your eyes suggests that you have fears or concerns about the idea that those close to you could vanish. You may not believe that you are worthy of others' love or that you cannot count on them. Your self-image requires attention. This dream could also indicate that you have not paid enough attention to the attributes about yourself that are represented by this person. You may have neglected some part of you.

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To dream of absconding, men should beware of deception from co-workers. For women, she should use care where she offers her attention.

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To dream that you die in your dream represents current internal alterations, changes, or growth. These dreams can conjure up a sense of anxiousness and alarm, and it is often labeled as something positive. These dreams signify that drastic adjustments within your life are coming. You are heading into new realms and possibilities and walking away from your past. Death can be viewed as a transformation, a way out of old habits.

On a darker note, dreams of death could also signify that you are involved in difficult circumstances or actions. You could be feeling trapped or isolated by a situation. You might know someone who is suffering a terminal illness. You could also be attempting to avoid a certain obligation.

To dream about someone else dying suggests that you no longer have feelings for that person. The dynamics of your relationship with that person could be changing. You could also wish to change the part of you that is similar to the dying person.

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To dream that water is evaporating suggests that you will manage to face and accept your feelings. This is a positive change in your life that is lifting you to a higher plane.

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To dream of being filled with the energy of absence means that you are unconscious of an emptiness within you.

Dreaming of feeling the absence of another person can represent an aspect of youself that is missing out on expressing itself. You may have a secret desire to travel, but you push it aside for the more rational idea of stability, etc. Look at the supporting images and emotions within the dream for clues.

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Dreaming that you are departing or saying goodbye implies an emotional release. You may be in the process of gifting yourself with some time off from work or family obligations. To be watching another depart with no emotion shows an acceptance of the ebb and flow of life and brings with it the gift of change and joy. To be crying as you depart or witness departure symbolizes a need for some meditation on acceptance in order to open the doorway for happiness.

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To dream of leaving indicates that you are unhappy with a situation or with someone in your life. You may be having problems at work and be in need of a change.
Alternatively a dream of leaving may simply represent a need for a break or a change of pace. You may feel that you would like to try new things, to embark on a new path, or to spend more time alone and away from the hustle and bustle of your usual responsibilities.

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