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To dream about freshly stirred dirt represents economical and prudent behavior. Dirt is also indicative of circumstances in which you have not been acting with honesty and may have deceived others.

To dream that someone throws dirt at you suggests that your adversaries may take on your character and damage your standing.

To dream that your clothes are dirty suggests that you may have contracted a disease that you can spread to others.

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To dream of dirtiness may indicate that you have anxiety or negative feelings surrounding sex. The dream occurs when the dreamer suffers from a negative self-image, which can be resolved by decontaminating the body, mind, and spirit.

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To dream of seeing something obscene points to some of your characteristics which you still deny and refuse to admit.

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To dream of pollution suggests a need to cleanse yourself of bad words and evil thoughts.

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To dream of sand indicates that you are having a change of heart or your position on a certain issue has been altered. It may also mean that you need to shift your outlook to something more productive or significant.

To see wet sand in your dream signifies that your life is in a chaotic state and you need to achieve order.

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To dream of being in contact with soil represents personal achievement and productivity. It also means that your life contains a reliable basis. In order to achieve your objectives, you need to be logical and sensible.

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To dream of a stain implies that you have made a minor and easily-fixed error. Pay attention to the color, location, and composition. This may have further meanings.

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To dream about being aggressive represents stifled carnal desires. It also refers to some dilemma you are dealing with.

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To dream that you are attacking someone implies that you are harboring deep feelings of anger and rage, which may ultimately bring physical pain or injury to someone else. You may hold the belief that someone has committed an immoral or sinful act against you. It is more beneficial to release these emotions in your dream rather than act them out in your waking life.

To dream that you are being attacked indicates that someone is criticizing your integrity, and you feel that you must stand up and preserve your good reputation. Some issue in your life is overwhelming you and you feel powerless to stop it. Perhaps you are being challenged with a very extreme and drastic alteration and you are being forced to make a hard decision.

To dream that you are being attacked by an animal indicates that you must guard against someone in your life that may intend to harm you. You should pay careful attention to the attributes that this animal may share with this particular person. Review the people you associate with and see if anyone shares these features.

To dream that you are killing an attacking animal indicates that an unfamiliar person will commit an act that prevents your injury or death.

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To dream of seeing or working with clay implies that you are a very imaginative and inventive person. It can also indicate your ability to influence or sway the opinions of others in your favor. This dream may mean that you haven't given yourself adequate objectives to strive for. It is time to organize your life and target your priorities.

In another view, clay can represent excrement or waste.

To see a clay pot in your dream is an indication of innocence, loyalty, and integrity.

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To dream of cobwebs implies that you are wasting your natural gifts. You haven't taken the time to develop these skills and qualities.

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To dream of a motorcycle signifies your need to be on your own and seek out adventure. This is a manifestation of how you are avoiding responsibility. This dream is also symbolic of maturity and sexuality.

To dream that you are on a speeding motorcycle denotes that you are overly impatient. You want to get things as fast as possible.

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