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To dream about a deer represents elegance, agility, and natural attractiveness. The feminine aspects of this creature could represent the feminine side of yourself. It also indicates sovereignty and strength. This dream could also be a play on words, such as someone who is 'dear' to you.

If you dream about a black deer, this could indicate that you need to pay more attention to the feminine traits within you. You should pay more attention to this aspect of you.

To dream that you kill a deer signifies that you are working to cover up those feminine aspects of yourself.

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To dream about an elk indicates power and perseverance. You should share with acquaintances and choose better foods.

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To dream of seeing a reindeer denotes your loyalty to friends, especially those who may be going through turbulence in their lives.

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To dream of a stag symbolizes elegance and liveliness. You may have an opportunity to improve your reputation or social position. You will gain inner peace and satisfaction.

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Seeing antlers in a dream is a symbol of a man's virility and forcefulness. It also can represent a trophy.

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