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To dream that you are crying indicates a release of depressing feelings that may be closely linked to actual happenings in your waking life rather than scenes from the dream itself. Your dream may be a means to restore some emotional stability whilst providing an appropriate outlet for your fears and frustrations. As people go through their everyday lives, they tend to push back, ignore, disallow, or repress their true emotions. It is only through their dreams that they are able to unmask their persona and truly express their feelings.

To notice someone else crying in your dream may be another reflection of your own feelings. If you are the type of person who seldom cries in your actual life, then seeing someone else cry in your dream may be more acceptable to you than seeing yourself weep.

To wake up crying indicates the mourning of your soul. It also connotes your need to modify the ways you deal with situations in life.

To dream that no one hears or responds to your cries projects your feelings of hopelessness and frustrations in seeking comfort and refuge from other people. This is a manifestation that you are having a tough time communicating with other people. Your dream may be a sign that you need to articulate your thoughts and opinions in a better way.

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To dream of a crystal embodies fullness, purity, and unison. To dream that you are gazing into a crystal represents the act of self-analysis. You are searching deep in your soul for an indication of your true destiny.

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To dream of pebbles indicates the presence of challenges and nuisances in your life.

To dream that you are throwing pebbles hints that you may be upset and disheartened over trivial matters.

To dream of pebbles likewise represents disapproval and rumor.

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To dream of a jigsaw puzzle implies the presence of real life mental challenges and problems, which you wish to quickly resolve.

To dream that you are missing some puzzle pieces suggests unavailability of all necessary considerations and facts to help you arrive at a wise decision.

To see or do a crossword puzzle embodies a mental challenge you are currently facing. The dream may be a take on 'crosswords' and may either evoke a need to make decisions.

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To dream of salt symbolizes the fact that you have reached a high level of self-awareness or achieved a long sought-after goal. You will have applied great determination and dedication over a long period of time to reach this point. You may have also uncovered new and exciting aspects in your life that make you feel renewed.

If you are adding salt to meat, this implies that you are facing financial difficulties and possible harassment by creditors.

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To dream of snow represents your reservations and reluctance to deal with certain issues and situations. Instead of keeping these feelings hidden, you need to communicate them effectively. It is also possible that you are feeling 'left out in the cold' and others are ignoring you. If the snow is melting then it implies that you accept and understand your emotions and have found a way to express them. You are managing to work through your hardships and problems.

To see dirty snow in your dream implies that you have reached a new level of maturity. You no longer hold the opinions and beliefs that you did when you were younger. Your life has been drastically altered in a negative way.

To dream that you are watching the snow fall symbolizes a new beginning and a change in your outlook. It means that you feel calm and serene.

To dream that you are playing in the snow implies that you are feeling overworked and requiring some rest and enjoyment.

To dream that you find something in the snow indicates that you are seeking to develop your hidden possibilities and skills. Perhaps you have discovered that you have an aptitude for a certain skill. It may also suggest that you need to absolve yourself or someone else of a transgression.

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To dream of a snowflake symbolizes your search for excellence and decency.

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To dream about tombs represents things about you that you have kept secret.

To dream about seeing your own tomb indicates that you are preparing to explore parts of yourself that have long been dormant.

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To dream of yourself weeping is an ominous symbol. Be leery, as bad news lies on your horizon. Your family life may be challenged. Conversely, if others are weeping in your dreams, do not fear. You will soon be reunited with estranged people.

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To dream of someone yelling is a representation of your repressed anger. You should consider ways to express it.

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To dream that you hear or set off an alarm means that you are confused about something, and perhaps worried that you have made a wrong move.

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The appearance of the aurora borealis in a dream symbolizes an uplifting of the spirit and feelings of affection and passion.