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To dream about credit cards symbolizes your merit, importance, and integrity. They may indicate your opinions and feelings you have about financial obligations, your occupation, and frugality.
To dream that you lose your credit cards implies that you are being irresponsible with a matter or situation in your life.
To dream that someone is stealing your credit cards indicates that your life is being negatively influenced by some matter or issue.

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To dream that you are playing a game of cards suggests that you are an expert at using strategy, tactics, and bluffing in your daily routine. Diamonds on cards represent prosperity, clubs represent your job, hearts represent contentment, and spades represent difficult situations that may arise in the near future.

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To dream of a cardinal symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and bliss. It can also indicate that you will win an award or excel over your peers in an event or situation.

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Dreaming of a pile of cardboard indicates a concern for wastage and the impact you are having on the earth. Dreaming of one piece of cardboard implies a habit of berating yourself for enjoying the finer things in life. To dream of creating something with cardboard suggests a desire to do the right thing by minimizing your carbon footprint.

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To dream about tarot cards means that you are looking for answers in uncommon places. You are worried about you future or you are uncertain about a big decision. If you are doing a reading with the tarot cards in your dream, you will be giving life changing advice to a friend or family member.

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To dream of an Ace is indication that your potential to experience the ultimate state of being in an aspect of your life is likely. Note the environment and people in the dream, to understand the message of the ace. Furthermore is the ace hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds.
An ace of hearts means success in relationships.
An ace of diamonds suggests success in finances.
An ace of clubs indicates success on your spiritual path.
An ace of spades implies success in your career.

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To dream of a bank signifies your hopes for monetary stability. This dream could represent that your insecurities about finances are not based in reality.

If you dream that you are robbing a bank, this represents that you are spending excessive efforts and could run out of energy.

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To dream about trust symbolizes your acceptance of who you truly are; your good points and your idiosyncrasies.

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To dream of the ace of spades represents impulsiveness, playfulness, and callousness. It may also be symbolic of control and rivalry. You feel that you must always dominate every situation.

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To dream of a wallet symbolizes independence or wealth. It can also be meant to remind
you of your inner self and the way you identify with it.

If your wallet has been taken from you, consider who in your life may be taking advantage of your good nature.

A lost wallet indicates a need for careful planning of your financial resources. The strain put on the resources will soon grow; some planning will avert financial disaster. Conversely, it may represent a loss of identity. You may be questioning who you really are.

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To dream that you are admired means that while you will advance further than those with whom you associate, they will not hold it against you.

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To wear a laurel in a dream symbolizes leadership and control. You may feel that the time is right to take the reins of an important project or organization. Alternatively to see another person wearing a laurel may represent apprehension about their power over you at work or at home.

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To dream of a scandal indicates that you are preoccupied with the opinions of others.
To dream that a scandal has ruined your career or your family life indicates that you may be feeling some guilt, or have a sense of inadequacy when it comes to your responsibilities.

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To dream that you are gambling indicates that you are being risky. You could be avoiding responsibility by placing your hopes in fate or luck.

If you are not a gambler, then this suggests that you should trust your destiny and take a chance. Ease up.

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To dream that you only have one eye suggests denial in accepting another point of view. It represents a one-sided and biased approach for a matter at hand.