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To dream of eating a cracker implies that you ensure that those around you are taken care of before you turn your attention to your own requirements. Because of this attitude, your own life lacks personal satisfaction. It's also possible that you are attempting to discover some hidden mystery that someone is concealing.

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To dream of being in an accident can be a warning for you to avoid whichever situation was involved in your dream, regardless of what it is. Lives have been saved by heeding this advice. If your dream involves a car, you may want to walk whenever possible and use extra caution when surrounded by traffic. If your dream involved an airplane, take a different flight for at least two days after your dream. If you're not planning on traveling by sea, yet your dream involved a boat or sea accident, this could mean love affair problems. Business venture reversals could be signaled if your dream had to do with ancient or outdated modes of travel.

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To dream of an ornament stands for circumstances in your life and activities that give you satisfaction. It symbolizes a small extra benefit you can give yourself. It also embodies a spiritual gift.

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To dream of a jigsaw puzzle implies the presence of real life mental challenges and problems, which you wish to quickly resolve.

To dream that you are missing some puzzle pieces suggests unavailability of all necessary considerations and facts to help you arrive at a wise decision.

To see or do a crossword puzzle embodies a mental challenge you are currently facing. The dream may be a take on 'crosswords' and may either evoke a need to make decisions.

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To dream of seeing or being bitten by a tick means that something is drawing all the vigor out of you. You need to find out what person or situation is causing you to be fatigued.

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To dream that you are on trial signifies that you must be more appreciative of others and less judgmental.

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To dream that you are walking in a dark cave represents your subconscious mind or the attempt to seek out shelter. It signifies that you are enduring bad fortune or an argument that wasn't foreseen.

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*Please See Applause.

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To dream that you collapse implies that you are setting too high standards and expectations for yourself. You need to reevaluate your objectives to make sure that they are still valid. Perhaps you have lost confidence in your choices, opinions, and beliefs. .

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To dream that you're hitting something or someone indicates that you have been suppressing your anger. You need to express your ill feelings in a positive way.

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To dream that you are licking something denotes your ability to carefully examine new projects and situations before starting.

On the other hand, it may signify simple gratification.

To dream that you are licked by an animal denotes that you will be consulted for advice.