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*Please See Makeup.

Acrylic Nails  No comments yet

To dream of having your nails polished could represent your desire for style and charisma. If the nail snaps, you may be attempting to stay away from a situation or duty.

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To dream that you have a facelift indicates that you are becoming a new person. Your self-esteem is rising as is your confidence. This dream can also represent facets of your exterior rather than your interior.

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To dream that you are applying makeup indicates that you are attempting to hide some personal quality or attribute from others. It may also represent your desire to be more assertive and raise your esteem and self-worth.

To dream that you are wearing too much makeup implies that you are paying more attention to what is portrayed physically than inner personality and characteristics.

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To dream that you are getting a manicure symbolizes fascination and allure. You want to be noticed and praised for a task that you have completed. Perhaps you are trying to communicate your creativity via some project you are undertaking.

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To dream that you are wearing mascara implies that you are ignoring an important issue in your life.

To dream that your mascara is smeared suggests that someone is trying to ruin your character and ideals via gossip and slanderous words.

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To dream that you are going through plastic surgery implies an attempt to improve your self-esteem and give your self-image a 'face lift.' The dream may also be triggered by your plans to have plastic surgery, or an actual appointment for plastic surgery.

Rouge  1 commented on this dream

To dream you are putting on or wearing rouge indicates you will use deception to get what you want.

To see others with rouge on their faces denotes that you are being manipulated or deceived.

To dream the rouge on your face is coming off signifies you will experience the humiliation of losing your loved one to your rival.

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To dream of lipstick signifies a side of your personality that is masked, elusive, and mysterious.

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*Please See Cream.

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To wear lip gloss in a dream indicates a desire to catch the eye. You may be searching for romance or more general popularity or social attention. You would like to be noticed but may need to change your attitude and appear more outgoing.