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To see corn in your dream represents prosperity, development, and productivity. It may be a play on the word 'corny.' Perhaps some experience or matter in your life seems silly or doesn't make sense.

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To dream that you are in a corner indicates that you feel unable to manage the different aspects of your life. You are confused and unsure of what to do next. Perhaps you feel as if you have no options or alternatives.

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To dream of a cornucopia symbolizes wealth, accomplishment, and success. The dream also suggests the balance and harmony between male and female qualities.

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To dream that you are eating jam indicates good news and new discoveries. Consider the cliche, 'caught in a jam,' which may mean that you may find yourself in some trouble.

To dream that you are making jam symbolizes a happy and blissful family life.

To dream that you are spreading jam indicates that you may be doing too many things at the same time - you cannot give enough attention to any of them. It would be worthwhile to learn to say no to commitments you cannot attend to.

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To dream of marshmallows symbolizes vulnerability and shyness. You should express your opinions and thoughts more aggressively.

To dream that you are roasting marshmallows implies personal fulfillment and determination. ,

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To dream of popcorn indicates that you possess a very creative nature. It may also indicate awareness of new truths and facts.

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Similar to food, to dream about soup indicates that you feel something is missing in your life. It may also represent security and therapy. Pay attention to what the soup consists of as this may hold further significance.

Tired  1 commented on this dream

To dream about being tired indicates that you are fatigued due to worry and anxiety. Often, such dreams are literally telling you how you feel in your daily life.

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To dream of a visitor is a positive omen. Be ready to receive some long-awaited good news. A visitor may also me indicative of life-altering events.

To see a visitor dressed in darkly colored clothing foreshadows a sudden sickness or accident for either yourself or someone close to you.

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A dream in which you are boxing indicates that strife is churning inside you, and that you are not adequately expressing your feelings. You might not be living up to your potential.

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To dream of wearing contact lens indicates that you need to pay closer attention to your current projects and matters. Review your options before making a decision. The dream may also be suggesting that you should revisit a relationship or association.

If you have difficulties putting on your contact lens it implies that you need to focus and shut out distractions.

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To dream of a deli may indicate a movement toward the fulfillment of an exciting ambition. A great selection of money-making ideas may be about to become available and ready to put into action. To dream of owning a deli ensures success.

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To dream of Demeter is a powerful sign of impending marriage, possibly of someone close to you. There is also the likelihood of a fertile season ahead for you and your loved ones.

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