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To dream that you are eating, giving, receiving, or stealing cookies implies that you will allow your life to be disrupted by insignificant issues. Frivolous matters will consume your energy and time, and cause you unnecessary frustrations.

To dream that you are baking cookies indicates that you are in a positive frame of mind and possess much ambition and energy to accomplish your tasks. Your social standing may increase in importance or popularity.

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To dream that you are cooking implies that you want to manipulate others into needing your help or your presence. You hope that others can look up to you for guidance and wisdom. It may also suggest that you long to take care for others and comfort them. You are seeking affection and closeness.

To dream that you have difficulties cooking means that you need to stop exerting so much energy getting people to accept you.

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To dream about receiving an award means that you crave acceptance and praise for what you do.

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To dream of icing implies an unexpected piece of good news that will bring joy to your heart.

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To dream of a cafe implies a secret desire to be noticed. A dream of a busy cafe denotes the ability to grow in confidence and to be more productive in your career and/or social life. Dreaming of an empty cafe belies a deep loneliness and the ability to overcome it at this time in your life. Any cafe within a dream is a reminder that to overcome awkwardness in your daily life, you must first acknowledge your feelings without judgment then become involved in activities you might normally shy away from.

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Brownies appearing as a positive influence in a dream symbolizes your contentment with the way things have been going in your life.
Brownies emerging in a negative situation represents your subconscious mind making up for something that hasn't been going very well lately.

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