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Washer Woman  No comments yet

A washer woman is a symbol of personal indiscretions. You have wronged a spouse, committed adultery, or otherwise deemed your love.

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To dream of yourself weeding in a garden is symbolic of the 'weeds' in your life. Consider what is cluttering your life and preventing you from growing. Is there negativity or grudges you could release? Let go of all that is holding you back. Weeds themselves are a physical representation of neglect. Have you neglected yourself? Refused to allow yourself to grow? Perhaps you have lost a friend due to neglect.

White Moth  No comments yet

To dream of a white moth foreshadows a sickness, possibly fatal, for a loved one.

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To dream of a canopy represents security and safety. It is possible that you may be receiving a promotion at work or an increase in your social status.

Cloak  No comments yet

To dream that you are wearing a cloak indicates that you want to conceal some aspect of your personality or some action that you have performed. You are seeking safety and comfort.

Seeing a torn or ragged cloak in your dream implies that there has been a rift created in a close relationship. Perhaps you have been in an argument or disagreement with a close friend or significant other.

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To dream about a diadem means you will soon have a distinction granted to you.

Diaper  No comments yet

To dream about a diaper suggests that you are being too reliant on people around you.

To dream that you are changing diapers indicates that you should improve your demeanor or the childish ways in which you act. You could have a poor outlook for a new job or task.

To dream about dirty diapers suggests that you must take care of a situation that you created with childish actions.

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To dream about wearing a dress signifies the feminine viewpoint on a given circumstance. You are showing off this aspect of yourself.

To dream about wearing a white dress indicates that you wish others could view you as uncontaminated and kind to others.

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To dream of honeycomb refers to pleasant feelings like love and affection. It also demonstrates a desire to hold on to pleasures and live carefree life.

Ironing  No comments yet

To dream that you are ironing suggests happy and comfortable living conditions. This may also mean you are trying to 'iron out' some aspects of your personal life.

To dream that you burn your hands while ironing signifies unhealthy choices, a loss of tranquility, jealousy, and chaos.