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To dream of your own wardrobe indicates a need to exercise particular caution. It is very likely that you have been putting on airs in an attempt to appear as something other than what you are.

If you dream your wardrobe is rather small, be on the lookout for a stranger to enter your life. He or she will become one of your most cherished companions.

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The washboard is symbolic of embarrassment. Some event in your waking life has caused you great distress and embarrassment. Because of this, you are exhausted, physically and emotionally. If the washboard itself is broken, your life, once viewed as so exciting, has become too much for you, too fast. It has brought you nothing but disgrace. You need to slow down.

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A washer woman is a symbol of personal indiscretions. You have wronged a spouse, committed adultery, or otherwise deemed your love.

Wedding Dress  2 commented on this dream

To dream of a wedding dress foreshadows new and exciting experiences. You may meet people who you will grow to cherish as valued friends.

A dirty wedding dress indicates an argument with a close friend and possible loss of that friendship.

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To dream of a white moth foreshadows a sickness, possibly fatal, for a loved one.

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To dream that you are wearing a cloak indicates that you want to conceal some aspect of your personality or some action that you have performed. You are seeking safety and comfort.

Seeing a torn or ragged cloak in your dream implies that there has been a rift created in a close relationship. Perhaps you have been in an argument or disagreement with a close friend or significant other.

Clothing  1 commented on this dream

To dream of your clothes represents the image that you portray to others. This is how you are judged by family, friends, and associates. Clothes can also imply the situation of your social importance and prestige.

To dream that you are trying to clean your soiled clothes indicates that you are trying to make an alteration to some aspect of your personality. It's possible that you need to reevaluate and alter your opinions and beliefs.

To dream that you are wearing brand new clothes implies that you have changed your behaviors and opinions. You are trying to become a new person and seek various methods of communicating your emotions and feelings. If the price tags are still attached to the clothes, then this can mean that you are trying too hard to be accepted by others. You are trying to be someone you are not. This is not a role that you are intended to play.

To dream that you are constantly changing your clothes suggests that you are desperately trying to determine who you really are. You want to be accepted by others and are attempting to reflect the proper character and qualities.

To dream that your clothes fit too tightly indicates that you feel pressured or prohibited from expressing your opinions and emotions.

To dream that your clothing is torn or ripped implies that you need to reassess your opinions and make sure that you have substantial proof to back them up. Right now, your interpretation of a situation or issue is incorrect.

To dream that you are shopping for or buying clothes indicates that you are apprehensive about being accepted by others. You aren't sure if you are the correct fit for the position you are taking on.

To dream that all your clothes in the closet are white implies that you are too serious and tense. It is possible that some experience or situation in your life has been affecting you negatively. Try to be more positive and see the good side of things.

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To dream that you are closing the drapes indicates that you are forcing external concerns away from you. You are protecting yourself from outside influences.

Dress  No comments yet

To dream about wearing a dress signifies the feminine viewpoint on a given circumstance. You are showing off this aspect of yourself.

To dream about wearing a white dress indicates that you wish others could view you as uncontaminated and kind to others.

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To dream that you are ironing suggests happy and comfortable living conditions. This may also mean you are trying to 'iron out' some aspects of your personal life.

To dream that you burn your hands while ironing signifies unhealthy choices, a loss of tranquility, jealousy, and chaos.