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Potato Chips  No comments yet

To dream of potato chips signifies the hedonist in you.

Nachos  No comments yet

To dream of nachos suggests that you may have unusually high expectations in a particular situation.

To dream of nachos with all the trimmings suggests that you should tone down your expectations, especially if they are of another person's behavior. This is best, as you ultimately have no control over the other person. Your desire for spice or drama has led you to focus on others, but it is only you who can provide true fun and adventure for yourself.

Ice Cream Truck  No comments yet

To dream of an ice cream truck indicates a pleasurable event may be coming your way. To dream of an ice cream truck stopping outside your door suggests a joyful moment is in imminent, packed with exciting surprises specifically for your enjoyment. Buying ice cream from a stationary ice cream truck implies a special moment to be savored. To watch an ice cream truck pass you by in a dream indicates a timing issue and is a reminder to come back to the moment and be clearer in your intentions so as to catch the next opportunity coming your way.

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Brownies appearing as a positive influence in a dream symbolizes your contentment with the way things have been going in your life.
Brownies emerging in a negative situation represents your subconscious mind making up for something that hasn't been going very well lately.

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