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To dream of your chest represents assertion, victory, and enthusiasm. It may also imply that you fear an upcoming conflict or altercation with someone or some issue. Perhaps this dream is reminding you that you need to unburden yourself of emotional issues.
To dream that you are beating on your chest implies that you have just achieved an important victory or have found success.

Treasure Chest  No comments yet

To dream of a treasure chest denotes your hidden talents. It also represents belonging. You are content with how things turned out in your waking life.

To dream that you are looking through a treasure chest means that you are trying to reconnect with your past.

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To dream of a toy box symbolizes growing up. You are moving forward and leaving childish ways behind. Alternatively, the dream may bring to mind childhood traumatic experiences and bitter encounters that keep pulling you back.

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To dream of a trunk denotes days passed and the memories they carry. It might be an indication of some unresolved feelings in the past.

To see the trunk of a car suggests great travels and pleasant journey.

To see the trunk of a tree signifies your identity and personality. If it is large, this means that you are a strong, determined, and dependable person. If the trunk is thin and narrow, it means that you are a very sensitive individual.

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To dream that you are telling an anecdote indicates that you are satisfied with light conversations rather than those that are too in depth or those that require much investigation.

To hear an anecdote in your dream implies that you will find yourself in the company of those who are entertaining and fun.

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To dream of breasts signifies your primordial desires to be nourished and tended to. This dream represents a maternal quality of nurturing, and a reliance on the mother. Breasts also signify arousal and pure animalistic desires.

Witnessing bare breasts may also represent a loss of privacy. For women, this dream may be indicative of a concern about becoming a mother. For girls, they may be concerned about becoming a woman.

Casket  1 commented on this dream

To dream about a casket signifies that this is a good time to conclude a relationship or cease a specific circumstance. This dream represents a finishing of a task or period in your life, and the beginning of another. This could symbolize novel opportunities coming for you.

Locker  1 commented on this dream

To dream of a locker suggests that there are things about you that no other people know about. Consider and take note of items that can be found inside the locker. For example, to dream of a school locker signify hidden feelings and thirst for knowledge.

To dream that you cannot open a locker or that you forgot the combination means that you are hesitant to take a stand in situations in which you are unsure about the outcome. In dreams where you cannot find your locker, this symbolizes your insecurities.

Defibrillator  No comments yet

To dream of a defibrillator indicates that you may be about to receive a sudden and revitalizing gift.

Eating Contest  No comments yet

To dream of an eating contest may indicate a feeling of awkwardness and confusion in your waking life. Hunger to achieve may be leaving you feeling inadequate at this time. To dream of an eating contest suggests a need to re-evaluate your expectation to succeed. Slowing down may bring success more quickly in the long run.

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To dream of a boiler means rising stress levels or losing your temper in waking life. Your subconscious mind is showing you a boiler in order to indicate your current emotional status.

Breastplate  No comments yet

Donning a breastplate in a dream symbolizes social status or just a feeling of being invincible. Dreaming of a breastplate foretells a move up in status if you are on an elevated area such as on a large horse or speaking to people from a high balcony. The breastplate can also symbolize a feeling of invincibility if your dream involves fighting evil or conquering an enemy. It may be a good time to tone down your voice and restrain from being outspoken.

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