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To dream of a cap implies that you prefer to be casual rather than uptight. It may also indicate the necessity for you to be more open to other opinions and viewpoints.

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To dream that you are wearing a cape implies that you don't want to expose your feelings or emotions to others. You have a fear of allowing people too close to you. It can also indicate that you are concealing a secret or embarrassing flaw.

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To dream that your boat has capsized indicates that you are reluctant to face an embarrassing or awkward issue. To face this would mean that you would have to admit that it exists. You are not prepared to confront these feelings yet.

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To dream that you are a captain suggests that you are ready to control your inner feelings and deal with problems or hardships that you have encountered. You feel strong and able to handle many obstacles.

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To dream of being held captive by somebody indicates a psychic imbalance that may be causing emotional powerlessness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses may help in a current crisis. Dreaming of holding another captive is a reminder from your unconscious that you have no true control over others and letting go feels better for everyone.

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To dream of the zodiac sign 'Capricorn' indicates that a stable, hardworking and confident person may be about to enter your life. You may feel abnormally confident, strong willed and calm in their presence but it is important that you acknowledge these qualities as coming from within so as to avoid projecting neediness onto this person. You may find that you will complete an unfinished goal due to their influence.

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To see acorns in your dream represents intensity and endurance. It suggests the possibility of a relatively trivial ambition developing into something of more significance.

To dream that you are picking acorns from the ground indicates that your efforts will earn you the desired reward.

To dream that you are eating an acorn implies that these efforts will be rewarded somewhere down the road, and your life will seem much more enjoyable and much less complicated.

To dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree symbolizes your power to persuade others, whether positive or negative.

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To dream that you are dancing indicates a sense of liberation from certain restraints, as well as a feeling of satisfaction in life. Your life is in balance. This dream also suggests carefree attitudes, contentment, and sexual desires. It also could represent the coming together of both masculine and feminine parts of your personality.

To dream that you are attending a dance suggests that a commemoration of your efforts to achieve happiness.

To dream about children dancing indicates that you will build a happy home, full of vibrancy and content children.

To dream about ritualistic dancing suggests that you must deal with your inner being.

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To dream of keys may represent a multitude of facets in the dreamer's life, including hidden secrets, recognizing responsibility, the ability to gain access to a situation and hence control, and opportunity. The dreamer may be keeping thoughts, feelings, or emotions to themselves.

When a key is lost, the dream is indicative of fearing the loss of seniority, rank, or self-control.

When a key is given to somebody else, control, responsibility, or secrets may be getting passed on to somebody else.

Finding keys in a dream is akin to solving a problem in life.

Broken keys in a dream mean that your life is fraught with arguments and a separation may occur.

The sound of keys rattling in a dream is indicative of optimism about life and a feeling of control over the direction you are taking in life. You can feel confident that you are making good decisions.

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To dream of being kidnapped symbolizes that you feel your freedom is being threatened. You need to remain calm and focused on your goals, despite someone attempting to deter or distract you.

A dream in which someone you know is kidnapped indicates that the person possesses qualities that you are choosing not to display yourself.

Kidnapping another person in a dream denotes that you are unfairly and forcibly holding on to something in your life. This may be as simple as your observations or outlooks.

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To dream of larks flying represents ambitious plans and goals. If the larks fall during flight, then it suggests that you will be faced with misery despite your current easy and joyful state.

To hear larks singing predicts business success. You will be delighted in a change of environment.

To dream that you see a wounded or dead lark denotes grief and sorrow.

To dream that you kill a lark bids an end to your pure and blameless nature as a result of giving in to passion, desires, and temptations.

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To dream that you see a net represents feelings of being trapped in a complicated and sticky situation.

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To dream that you are in Paris indicates a yearning for love and zeal. It also hints that you are a person of merit. Your actual and personal experiences with Paris will provide better significance than your dream.

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To dream of a pill symbolizes a restoration of your inner peace. It represents a turning away from negativity. It is also a stage of healing pain.

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To dream of a rabbit is a good omen, as it foretells of good luck. Your life will soon see a positive change for the better. Conversely, the rabbit may be a metaphor for your sexual activity.

To see a white rabbit is an indication that your love has been untrue to you, and is engaging in an affair.

To see multiple hopping rabbits foreshadows the children you and your spouse will soon have.

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To dream that somebody is demanding ransom from you suggests you have been betrayed by someone in real life.