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To dream about eating candy represents the happiness and special gifts that abound within life. It also indicates a sense of pleasure that could be denied or withheld.

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To see or eat cotton candy in your dream symbolizes happy and pleasurable experiences from our youth. It may signify awards that you have received. This may also indicate that you are satisfied with your current position or situation.

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To dream of seeing or eating sugar implies that you are prohibiting yourself from experiencing joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Sometimes you should just be impulsive and no worry about the results.

To see a sugar cube in your dream indicates that you should enjoy life rather than being too strict.

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To dream of a wafer is an indication of affairs of the heart. A girl who is eating wafers has too many qualifications for love. She is looking for too much, and will settle for nothing less than the unobtainable 'perfect' man. A girl who is cooking wafers signifies homemaking. She will find the man she is seeking and he will accept her. Their life together will be long and prosperous.

When a male dreams of wafers, he can rest easy. His life will seem blessed by good luck and easy fortunes.

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To dream of a jawbreaker denotes an appealing prospect that would later prove to be difficult to control and easy to mishandle.

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To dream of a lollipop indicates good news and experiences to look forward to. It also means extravagance and physical pleasures in your waking life. Alternatively, a lollipop may suggest 'sucker,' suggesting that you need to be careful of your choices.

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To dream of an Easter egg suggests the beginning of a potentially exciting and abundant period of activity. Some hardship has passed and you may be feeling refreshed and centered. Your emotional and spiritual life is currently bringing you satisfaction. Many Easter eggs in a dream indicate that great happiness is possible for you, so breathe easy and enjoy.

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To dream of an ice cream truck indicates a pleasurable event may be coming your way. To dream of an ice cream truck stopping outside your door suggests a joyful moment is in imminent, packed with exciting surprises specifically for your enjoyment. Buying ice cream from a stationary ice cream truck implies a special moment to be savored. To watch an ice cream truck pass you by in a dream indicates a timing issue and is a reminder to come back to the moment and be clearer in your intentions so as to catch the next opportunity coming your way.

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To dream of caramel suggests there is a situation in your life that is not pleasing you to such a degree that it feels as though your joy is being sucked away. This may be a person, place or thing that is strongly connected to you and that you feel you cannot remove easily. The message from the unconscious is to find your place of power and soak in it until the offending person or thing falls away naturally.

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To dream of a jellybean symbolizes happiness. The bright colors of a jellybean are joyful, they remind us of childhood. Eating a jellybean in a dream may symbolize a reconnection with your inner child.

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Licorice in a dream represents nostalgia and a connection to your childhood. You may desire a little indulgence in the sweeter things of life. Take time to enjoy the little things which give you joy. Embrace pleasant memories.

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A life saver in a dream refers to safety and comfort in your life.
To dream of colorful candy life savers represents happiness and security.
To dream of floating in a life saver indicates that you feel as though you have been rescued.