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To dream that you are in camouflage indicates that you are afraid to reveal your true self to others. You prefer to conceal your feelings, emotions, and personality. This way, it is more difficult for others to get close enough to cause you harm.

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To dream that you are wearing a mask implies that you have said or done something that has been taken out of context. This has caused problems and disharmony with others. It may also mean that you are concealing yourself behind a facade and not allowing others to see who you really are.

To see others wearing a mask in your dream indicates that you will be forced to confront dishonesty, envy, and treachery.

To see others unmasked in your dream suggests that you have been unable to impress another person. Your efforts have failed.

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To dream that you are ambushed indicates a hazard surrounding you. Your current circumstances have gone sour or you are being held from reaching your goal.

To dream that you are waiting in ambush means you will do anything to cheat your own friends.

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To dream that you are in a disguise suggests that you are trying to keep away from a situation or person in your life. You must stop and accept whatever fate awaits and step out from behind the mask.

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To dream of a decoy suggests that you are being distracted from your life path thus suggesting a need to be strong in your choices and follow through. To dream of more than one decoy implies that you may be easily distracted and often find justification for giving up. To dream of a decoy that doesn't succeed in distracting you indicates that you have time to gather resources necessary for an exciting change.

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Dreaming of being blindfolded means either you have trust issues or a fear of not knowing something. Either way, a blindfold generally symbolizes uneasiness. If however, you are blindfolded for a happy surprise or during romantic activity, this portends something exciting with anticipation will come to you soon.

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