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Macadamize  No comments yet

To dream of a macadamized road foretells enjoyable travels that will bring you much prosperity and happiness.

Potato Chips  No comments yet

To dream of potato chips signifies the hedonist in you.

Breakdown  No comments yet

To dream that your vehicle breaks down indicates that you need to stop being so hard on yourself. You are taking on too much responsibility. This can cause you bodily or emotional harm. Take some time to assess your options and then decide which path you need to follow.

Glue  No comments yet

To dream about glue suggests that you have concern or anxiety about being stuck in a situation. This could be a fear of getting involved in a deep relationship, or simply a matter of not trusting people in your life.

To dream that you are gluing something together indicates that you are accepting the existence of unfavorable traits within yourself.

Injury  No comments yet

To dream of being injured implies a need to initiate the healing process for old wounds. You might have to relax a bit and approach your situation with a clear mind.

Tame  No comments yet

To dream of taming a wild beast indicates that it is a time for settling down and changing social habits. It is a fortunate omen of self-control and evolving consciousness. For further insight, note the particular beast and the feelings associated with it.

To dream that an animal that appears to be wild actually comes to eat out of your hand shows the potential for success and fulfillment in your waking life.

Heartache  No comments yet

Dreaming of a heart generally signifies undisclosed feelings, concerns and uneasiness about something. When someone dreams of an heartache, it represents a feeling of loneliness and disappointment from a friendship that has ended or is ending.

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