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To dream that you are wearing a bra indicates that you are seeking comfort and solace. It's possible that you are in a depression and require someone to cheer you up. It can also symbolize motherly instincts and your desire to encourage personal growth.

To dream that you are not wearing a bra implies that you reject authority and refuse to be obedient. You are stubborn and strong willed. It may also represent your views and thoughts regarding sex.

Brain  No comments yet

To dream of your brain indicates that you are suffering emotional torment. It may also mean that you should utilize your wisdom to resolve a conflict or difficulty. In addition, this dream may be stating that you are not being adequately credited for your concepts and suggestions. Perhaps the messages you are trying to convey are being taken in the incorrect context.

Brass  No comments yet

To dream of brass represents some dishonesty, lie, or treachery that is present in your life. It may be traits that you or someone you know possesses. Brass can also indicate that you are very daring and confident.

Braces  No comments yet

To dream that you have braces implies that you are too judgmental. Perhaps you should be more open-minded and consider opposing opinions. This dream could be indicating that you are too assertive and that you need relax a bit. The dream may also be a play on words - 'brace yourself' - indicating that you need to use caution and prepare for an issue or situation.

Braids  No comments yet

To dream that your hair is in braids indicates that you are a very organized, meticulous, and practical person. It represents your persistence, drive, and resolve.

Brakes  No comments yet

To dream that you are applying your brakes indicates that you are progressing too rapidly in your work or home life. You need to advance more gradually and be cautious and attentive.

To dream that your brakes failed suggests that your life is unorganized and you need to take more control of issues and situations. Research all of your options before you enter into a new venture. This endeavor may result in failure.

Bragging  No comments yet

To dream that you are bragging implies that you have a low opinion of yourself. By making others feel inferior, you feel superior to them.

Branches  No comments yet

To see branches in your dream indicates that you will experience future fortune, prosperity, and a fresh start. Branches are also symbols of your family, friends, and other relationships that you enjoy.

To see broken branches in your dream implies that you are experiencing an issue at home or at your place of employment.

Bracelet  No comments yet

To dream of seeing or wearing a bracelet symbolizes intense feelings of desire, excitement, and stimulation. The dream may also be a suggestion that you need to renew a forgotten relationship or get in contact with an acquaintance from the past.

To dream of a bracelet encircling your arm implies that you will have a blessed and long matrimony. This bracelet is probably a gift from a lover or friend.

To see a broken bracelet in your dream indicates that you tend to put the needs of others before your own. If a young woman loses her bracelet, she will be faced with misfortune and anguish.

To find a bracelet indicates that you will become the owner of real estate or other valuable asset.

Accuse  No comments yet

To dream that you've been accused by a female of something, information upcoming will not be in your favor. If you proved your character, however, then your troubles will be defeated. If your accuser was male, your success in life will exceed your expectations. If you accused someone else, rethink your relationships; yours could be headed for trouble, in either romance or friendship.

Badge  No comments yet

To dream about seeing or showing a badge means that you are proud of your achievements and have high self-esteem.

Jacuzzi  No comments yet

To dream that you are in a Jacuzzi signifies a need to reflect on and cleanse your emotions. Free yourself of any ill-feelings and inhibitions in your sex life.

Nuts  No comments yet

To dream of nuts symbolizes foolishness and bewilderment. It also suggests the presence of someone going 'nuts' or a person who drives you crazy. This may be a representation of oversights you have made, and corresponding alternative solutions. Dreaming of nuts may be likened to testicles, hence suggesting a form of sexual intimation.

To dream that you are eating nuts stands for prosperity and achievement. This may also be a manifestation of an attempt to get to the bottom of a circumstance.

Opera  No comments yet

To dream of an opera suggests a desire for greater things in life, even to the point of occasional grandstanding.

Roller Blades  No comments yet

To dream you are on roller blades signifies that you will have a very busy life. Your active life gives you a liberating sense of purpose.

Ropes  No comments yet

To dream of ropes symbolizes relationships and bonds that ties family or groups together.

To dream that you are walking a tight rope suggests a risky venture that may nonetheless bring a fruitful outcome.

To climb a rope indicates persistence to succeed in your climb to the top. On the other hand, a dream about going down a rope indicates a waning fortune or expectation of a business disappointment.

To dream of being bound by ropes suggests you are going to follow your emotions rather than being rational.

Saxophone  No comments yet

To dream of a saxophone represents that you are harboring unresolved feelings that you need to convey. Perhaps someone has greatly influenced you or changed your life in some way.

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