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To dream that you are in or see a boat indicates that you are adept at handling your feelings and communicating them to others. Consider the appearance of the water you are sailing on. This can indicate your emotions. Is the water serene, choppy, or stormy? Is it opaque or cloudy? It may also represent your willingness to acknowledge your own personal characteristics and attributes.

To dream that you are trying to jump off a boat implies that you have the desire to tackle your obstacles and deal with troubling feelings.

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To see a boathouse in your dream indicates a feeling of confinement and staleness in waking life. Just as a boat sitting idle and unmoving in a boathouse, you feel in waking life that you are being stuck, not progressing nor growing.
Dreaming that you are preparing to take a boat out of the boathouse prominently implies that you are soon to be free with more choices in waking life, especially if you untie a boat and set it out into the open water in your dream.

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To dream that you are riding a ferry suggests that you are enduring changes within your life. You are channeling new ambitions and setting new goals.

To dream that you are waiting for a ferry indicates that things you may not have planned or expected could get in the way of your hopes and dreams.

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*See Oar.

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To dream of a rowboat symbolizes hard work, patience, and persistence. You handle problems in your own way, at your own pace. The condition of the water provides additional clues on the meaning of your dream.

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To dream of a sailboat signifies that you will achieve great accomplishments and triumphs.

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To dream of vessels is a representation of the physical labor you perform in your waking life.

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To see an ark in your dream is a symbol of safeguarding something precious. It also indicates completeness.

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To dream of a canoe is a symbol of freedom and liberty. It can also imply feelings of tranquility and comfort. A canoe can indicate that your inner spirit is relaxed and unfazed by the troubles that surround you. You have the ability to achieve your goals through your own perseverance and energy.

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To dream about a drawbridge suggest security. You can sense that a circumstance is infiltrating your life too much. You could also be setting boundaries with certain relationships.

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To dream that you are riding in a gondola represents passion, love, and dreams. Your present relationship is taking off, or some part of your life is working out well. This dream may also represent that you should travel or relax.