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*Please See Chalkboard.

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To dream about a blacksmith is a sign of resilience and fortitude.

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Dreaming of a black hole generally symbolizes fear, specifically a fear of disappearing or being forgotten.
Alternatively, dreaming of a black hole can also represent a place to put things you want to forget or erase, such as guilt, sadness, or other negative feelings.

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To see an androgynous person indicates your need to research contradictory opinions and beliefs. Certain matters in your life must be amalgamated.

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To dream about a black widow spider symbolizes anxiety over an affair. It's possible that you feel bound up and cramped, and there might be some angry feelings. The female of this spider species is known to eat the male, so it can also be a symbol of female dominion.

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Experiencing black magic in a dream indicates a dangerous path you may be going down or a dangerous opportunity that has presented itself to you in waking life. Whatever form this danger may take, your subconscious mind is exploring the possibilities and consequences using black magic in your dream.

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A dream in which you see or eat blackberries means that you are acting without caution. It is also symbolic of repressed carnal urges.

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To see a dream in black and white indicates your need for more decisive and clear action. Your subconscious is instructing you to conduct your waking life with more purpose and clarity and eliminate excessive gray areas.
Alternatively, noticing that you are dreaming in black and white and that your dream is rather dull, it may be your subconscious suggesting you to add more excitement or 'color' to your waking life.