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Abraham Lincoln  No comments yet

Dreams involving Abraham Lincoln, an iconic historical figure, may indicate that you are thinking about your own past or place in history. This could include your place and roles within your immediate everyday world, or your significance in the world in a broader sense.
Alternatively, it may indicate a strong desire to bring about change, as Lincoln himself did.

Goldfinch  No comments yet

To see a goldfinch present in your dream usually indicates an awakening to the activities that are normally relegated to the realm of fiction.
Goldfinch can help you deepen your perceptions so that you can begin to see and experience the spiritual side of yourself.

Gnat  No comments yet

To see a gnat in your dream represents those tiny things in life that are annoying and usually beyond your control. A tiny irritant that is difficult to ignore but is sometimes best left ignored when compared to the irritation it bestows.

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Twirling a baton in your dream indicates a busy time in which your subconscious mind is expressing that you are "juggling" a lot right now, constantly moving and working.
Dreaming of a police baton symbolizes a threat, persecution, or hostile power in your waking life.

Hellhound  No comments yet

To dream of a hellhound indicates that danger is ahead. If the hellhound is guarding something, stay away from whatever it is guarding or you will be trapped by the circumstances. If someone you know is standing near the hellhound then that person had bad intentions so you should stay away.

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Placing a bet or betting in a dream means the decision you have made recently has an unfavorable outcome. This dream in general is a warning telling you to be more careful about situation you're having and avoid coming into quick conclusion.

Birch Tree  No comments yet

Birch trees are commonly seen in dreams in large numbers such as in a heavy, thick forest. Experiencing a dream where you are running through a forest symbolizes feeling of lost or vulnerability. Though this may seem like a negative symbol, generally a forest symbolizes a place you can find yourself and help heading in the right direction.
A single birch tree represents life, so consider what the environment and the characteristics of the tree could be saying about your waking life. For instance, a tree with dropping leaves could symbolize running out of time while a flourishing tree with birds chirping inside symbolizes a thriving, exciting, and lively life.

Bird of Paradise  No comments yet

Dreaming of a bird of paradise plant represents quirkiness with excitement. This quirky excitement may be random and unexpected.
Dreaming of the bird type, bird of paradise, also symbolizes an unusual persona and/or appearance in waking life. You may feel unconventional and out of ordinary, even though you may not have admitted this to yourself yet.

Burgundy  No comments yet

Noticing the color burgundy in your dream symbolizes warmth and comfort in your life. Furthermore, noticing that a particular object or room is colored in burgundy implies that you're feeling good, positive and warm towards that object or place.