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To dream that you are in a coma suggests that you have trouble functioning in certain circumstances. You haven't yet prepared for changes that are occurring within your life. This dream coma state could also represent what's truly occurring in your body. During this 'REM paralysis' stage, a body is immobile.

Dirty  1 commented on this dream

To dream of dirtiness may indicate that you have anxiety or negative feelings surrounding sex. The dream occurs when the dreamer suffers from a negative self-image, which can be resolved by decontaminating the body, mind, and spirit.

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To dream that someone or something is evil suggests that there is a dark and disguised part of yourself. This aspect could be desiring release or recognition. On the other end, evil can indicate the hostile and powerful feelings that you hold.

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To dream of a keel signifies the need to examine your current direction in your waking life. Are you on the path that serves you best?

To dream of a keel indicates that a thorough investigation into recent life choices would be beneficial for your ultimate happiness.

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To dream of a keyboard may be suggesting that too much energy is being put into the internet at this time.

A dream of great joy in direct relation to a keyboard could mean that there is benefit to be found in a career connected to words or writing.

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To dream of an eight-ball suggests a fear of being left behind or a sense of deep inadequacy. An eight-ball indicates a feeling of inferiority and reminds you to seek out and enhance your strong qualities. This will allow you to contribute to a current situation in your waking life.

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A dream in which you are insulted may be a warning of an upcoming social clash. On the other hand, it may simply indicate that more people in your life have begun paying you attention.

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A killer whale in a dream represents spiritual guidance. The killer whale is a dangerous animal which in a dream represents a part of your psyche which has great power but which must be followed carefully.

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A sandstorm in a dream symbolizes overwhelming confusion. You may feel lost in a sea of responsibilities and needs.

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A villain in a dream symbolizes negative influences within yourself and coming from others. You may be feeling tempted by unsavory desires.