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Blackberries  No comments yet

A dream in which you see or eat blackberries means that you are acting without caution. It is also symbolic of repressed carnal urges.

Black and White  No comments yet

To see a dream in black and white indicates your need for more decisive and clear action. Your subconscious is instructing you to conduct your waking life with more purpose and clarity and eliminate excessive gray areas.
Alternatively, noticing that you are dreaming in black and white and that your dream is rather dull, it may be your subconscious suggesting you to add more excitement or 'color' to your waking life.

Sorcerer  No comments yet

To dream that you are a sorcerer is symbolic of your skills, spiritual vitality, and your imaginative nature. You are focusing on obtaining your objectives.

Spades  No comments yet

To dream of the ace of spades represents impulsiveness, playfulness, and callousness. It may also be symbolic of control and rivalry. You feel that you must always dominate every situation.

Stain  No comments yet

To dream of a stain implies that you have made a minor and easily-fixed error. Pay attention to the color, location, and composition. This may have further meanings.

Tiger  No comments yet

To dream about a tiger symbolizes control and your aptitude at displaying it. It also could mean that you need to be commanding more often. Additionally, the tiger represents a woman's sensuality and pugnacity.

To dream about being attacked by a tiger indicates disturbing thoughts that you are holding back.

To dream about a tiger in a cage indicates that those feelings could soon be coming to the forefront.

Weeds  No comments yet

To dream of yourself weeding in a garden is symbolic of the 'weeds' in your life. Consider what is cluttering your life and preventing you from growing. Is there negativity or grudges you could release? Let go of all that is holding you back. Weeds themselves are a physical representation of neglect. Have you neglected yourself? Refused to allow yourself to grow? Perhaps you have lost a friend due to neglect.

Wet Suit  No comments yet

To dream of seeing or wearing a wet suit implies an exploration of your inner self. This slow exploration will lead to a greater understanding of your emotions and yourself. You have reached the point in your life where you can comfortably face every aspect of yourself, even your most vulnerable feelings.

African American  1 commented on this dream

To dream about seeing an African-American symbolizes your ancestry and culture. It is a sign that you should explore your soul, and that it's time for you to be more artistic and imaginative.

Alchemy  No comments yet

To dream of alchemy indicates that your life is surrounded by struggle, a change from within, or a rebirth of the self. Though this period will be unnerving and tough, the end result will be wonderful.

Amnesia  No comments yet

To dream that you suffer from amnesia signals that you are attempting to ignore some flaw in yourself and that you fear moving in a new direction.

Anvil  No comments yet

To see an anvil in your dream indicates that you alone will be able to attain your goals without assistance. However, to reach those objectives, you will experience great hardship and must overcome several hurdles.

To see a broken anvil in your dream implies that you have made a wrong decision that can never be reversed.