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To dream that someone or something is bigger than normal implies that you think highly of yourself or others. Perhaps you wish to express yourself more assertively.
To see a big figure in your dream symbolizes control and strong influences.

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To dream about your own eyes indicates wisdom, intelligence, acceptance, and insight. Subconscious thoughts or ideas may be rising. The left eye represents the moon and the right eye the sun. This could also be symbolic of the self, as in 'I.' If you can see the inside of your head, then you should pay more attention to your internal perspective. You may need to look to yourself for the answers.

To dream that you have something in your eye indicates the roadblocks in your way. It can also be indicative of the way in which you look for the negative aspect of others.

To dream that you have one eye suggests that you are reluctant to accept other opinions.

To dream that you have a third eye represents being introspective and clairvoyant, which you need to do more of.

To dream that your eyes are closed indicates you will not accept the reality about another person or may simply wish to steer clear of intimacy. You could have been caused pain and anxiety.

To dream that your eyes are crossed suggests that you are unable to view something clearly. You may not have all the data you need to understand a situation.

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To dream of green represents beneficial change, positive well-being, maturity, productivity, healing, hope, and peace. Green also represents your desire to earn respect and to gain your freedom. Money, prosperity, and envy are also represented by this color.

Dark green represents consumerism, greed, dishonesty, deception, and selfishness. You should find common ground between your masculine and feminine sides.

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If you dream of getting involved in bigamy or having multiple spouses, it represents your inability to choose between multiple options and your mind's reminder that not choosing may have consequences.
Dreaming that you are with the bigamist represents either your desire for someone to make a choice or your belief that a situation in your life has escalated to a more serious level in which you have not noticed until just recently.

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Dreaming of bigfoot generally indicates an unfamiliar and unusual dilemma.
Bigfoot is a mysterious and mythical creature. If your dream is related to bigfoot chasing you, it symbolizes a problem you haven't identified yet or bizarre and troublesome situation appears. The latter could be such as someone breaking into your home, being kidnapped, or someone following you in traffic and so on.
Interacting with bigfoot in a normal everyday place suggests either you have appreciation for the unique and peculiar things or you feel like an outcast due to a decision or association you were involved in waking life.

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Dreaming of Big Bird is your subconscious mind's way of bringing you back to your childhood life and reminding you of something or a situation that happened back in those times. Big Bird appearing in your dream also symbolizes childhood innocence, happiness, and simplicity.

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To dream that you see a greenhouse indicates change. You are going through some changes that are a result of your own behaviors. This dream may also represent that you are acting too domineering. You want things to be completed your way, but you could be giving up your self-respect.

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To eat raw food in a dream represents raw emotions. You may be ready to accept your wilder desires.

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To dream that you are playing or watching golf indicates satisfying extravagances. It could also suggest that you are not using your time properly. This dream could also represent your achievements and the motivation you have to be successful.

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To dream about a frog suggests that there is an unexpected opportunity for change. The frog could be a prince in disguise, thus indicating change. This dream may also represent being dirty, productive, or reborn.

To dream about frogs leaping suggests that you have difficulty with commitment. You prefer to move from one event or person, to another. This dream could also indicate that you are working toward a goal and this dream mirrors that progression.

To dream about catching a frog suggests that you don't use much care when it comes to your health.

To dream about the sounds of frogs suggests that you haven't yet reached your ambitions.

To dream about frogs in the grass suggests that you will be rewarded with a calm and enjoyable friend who will offer understanding and good counsel.

For women to dream about a bullfrog suggests a wedding to a rich widower who has children that need to be cared for.

To dream about frogs in low marshy places indicates that you will rise above your challenges with the help and kindness of people around you.

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A kiwi in a dream represents the hidden gem. The kiwi fruit's tough outer skin may represent someone's poor outward appearance which is hiding a reward.

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To dream that you are looking for an oasis represents your innermost fears and anxieties. Dreaming of an oasis may likewise symbolize overpowering circumstances.

To dream of relaxing at an oasis represents triumph in business and money matters, or the need for a vacation.

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To dream of young people indicates that you can stop worrying; you will have a fresh approach and outlook on life soon. It may further symbolize some younger aspect of your own self. If you dream of being young once again, this represents failed attempts to correct past errors or opportunities you have lost.

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To dream about a clock represents the significance of time, or that time may not be on your side. You may be stressing about a deadline or some other time-sensitive matter. You need to pick up the pace in life. Clocks also indicate death, especially if the clock has ceased turning. This is common among those surrounded by those with terminal conditions.

To dream that the clock is running backwards, runs concurrent with the way you feel your life is moving. You feel as though you haven't done anything important with your life or that you are currently stuck in the same place. Dreaming of a clock can also represent the human heart and how its beats are like the seconds of a clock. This would be representative of your sentimental side.

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A helix in a dream represents conflicting emotions. You may feel torn about a decision ahead of you, and you are wishing for a compromise which seems impossible to achieve. Alternatively, a helix in a dream may represent a stable balance of two opposites.
A helix can indicate harmony and resonance, an appreciation for the necessity of difference. You may have finally realized it is not necessary to choose.

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The presence of algae in your dream is symbolic of your past experiences, particularly reminiscent thoughts of childhood or desire to return to a simpler ways or times.

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To dream of leaves denotes newfound hope for enhancing and enriching every facet in your life. It is symbolic of your coming of age, maturity, and readiness. On the other hand, it also indicates phases of your life and of days passed.

To see brown or withered leaves in your dream mean hopelessness, despair, suffering, and death.