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A dream about seeing or drinking beer symbolizes contentment, confusion or creativity. It's also an indication that you have a busy life with many friends.

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A dream about bees signifies good fortune, peace and contentment. Bees also represent industriousness (as in the saying 'busy as a bee').

To dream of being stung by a bee indicates a sudden setback, and that you will encounter major problems and be scolded.

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To dream of raw beef symbolizes a return to basics and a search for nourishment.
Dreaming of cooked beef implies the end of a long, careful trek toward a goal.
Eating the beef means pondering on a serious situation or important piece of information, therefore you will need to make the decision soon.

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If you like beets and to dream about seeing or eating them, it implies that you are generally content with your life although it may be little peculiar or unconventional. It could be a wide range of things like a bizarre, unpopular television show to a complicated, unusual workout regimen.
If you dislike beets and yet eat them in your dream, it is suggesting that you are in favor by majority at work.

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*Please See Pager.

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Dreaming about a beetle means that some damaging forces are at play in your life. You might believe that your ideals and integrity are at risk.

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To see a beehive in your dream indicates the potential to achieve great success. These prospects are too important to ignore. It represents extreme efforts, determination, and the significance of working together. You may receive great monetary rewards at work or even an increase in status.

To see an empty beehive implies that you are experiencing great anguish and sadness over severed relationships or a decrease in wealth.

To dream of destroying a beehive represents a brief period of neediness and destitution.

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Dreaming you are a beekeeper represents a part of something important and productive surrounds your daily life. You feel untouchable and powerful in an effective, non-conceited way while still knowing that you need to continue doing so in order to maintain your status.
Observing the beekeeper in your dream implies that you are hoping to become more in tune with nature, the universe and animals.

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To dream about a hamburger indicates that you have lost some measure of yourself, whether it's emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or physical. You can't feel complete without it. You may not be happy with a circumstance or your companionship. This dream also signifies your experiences and that you should learn and grow from them. There's more than the narrow view of the world and the future. Look for it.

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To dream of a ladybug represents good fortune. It also refers to a satisfactory career.

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To dream of malted drinks represents an exciting but perilous relationship. This could harm yourself and others.

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To dream of a pager foretells the difficulties of a person in communicating their thoughts to you. They are trying to find ways to get through to you. Alternatively, you might also feel that a person is trying to influence you with their opinions and beliefs.

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To dream of ruins portend a variety of unfortunate events such as a romantic breakup, a business failure, a sickness, and a destruction of crops and properties.

To see ancient ruins suggests you will sorely miss the presence of friends as you travel abroad.

To see your property in ruins after a fire signifies reaching a low emotional state, along with a lingering thought to give up your fight. Stay strong, you will come across sudden good fortune when you least expect it.

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To dream of sausage embodies the male genitalia and possible conflicts you may be experiencing in sexual matters. It also represents the importance of objects in your life.

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To dream of a scarab signifies everlasting life and the power to adjust to changes and alterations in life. It represents your fears about growing old and having to ultimately face death.

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To dream of stained glass indicates an inner awareness and renewal. You require assistance and direction from a more powerful force. Pay attention to the color of the glass. This can indicate a certain attribute or quality that you should obtain.

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To dream of vegetables is an indication that you need to consider your spiritual or religious self. It may be more blunt as you need more nourishing foods in your diets.

To see vegetables that have withered or aged is an indication that you are sad.

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To dream of a weevil is a warning. Your business affairs may fail, or you may discover deceit in the one you love.