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Please See Lice.

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To dream of tanning, trying to tan, or wishing you were more tan, implies an issue with personal security. On a physical level you may feel as though you just aren't adequate. You need to be on a constant search for ways to enhance yourself. Do not forget that the essence of who you are is the only thing worth putting investing your energy.

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To dream that you are standing on the quay suggests a demeanor given to melancholy.

To stand on the quay and see water that is rough and frightening indicates a fear of releasing your addiction to sad thoughts or depression. These emotional states have been serving you in some way.

To dream of calm water may mean you will find it easy to think more positively and release some melancholy moodiness once and for all.

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A nightlight in a dream represents hope and security.

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A nightstand in a dream represents your dream's connection to the waking world. Objects kept within the nightstand are likely less symbolic and refer literally to their respective objects in your daily life.

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To sleep under a quilt in a dream represents comfort and warmth. The quilt is made up of many components of your life coming together. This comfort comes from your network of family and friends.
To dream of a quilt which is a solid color represents your own self-reliance. A solid quilt in a dream symbolizes unity, strength and balance.

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To rip upholstery in a dream symbolizes uncovering inner strengths.
To dream that you re-upholster a piece of furniture represents self-renewal and reinvention.

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To dream of having a roommate means that you are wanting to share your life with someone or that you want to get closer to someone. If the roommate is an annoyance then you are looking to rid yourself of someone close to you.

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To dream of a maelstrom means that trouble is brewing. It also could mean that you are drawing in trouble or negative situations by your actions.
If you dream that you are in the maelstrom then you may be caught in the middle of some sort of chaos or confusion.
If you are trying to rescue someone from a maelstrom then you are trying to help a person whose problems may be too enormous for you to handle alone.