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Feelings of annoyance in a dream mean that enemies are plotting harm.

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To dream that you are blind indicates that you decline to accept facts or that you are not acknowledging a difficulty. It is possible that you refuse to admit that you possess a certain feature or attribute. It may also represent the fact that you don't want to disclose a transgression or mistake.

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To see bunk beds in your dream is a reflection of more youthful and simple times. It may also indicate that you are experiencing confusion and frustrations regarding sexual matters. You find it challenging to communicate your wants and requirements.

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To dream of a canopy represents security and safety. It is possible that you may be receiving a promotion at work or an increase in your social status.

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To dream of a cradle indicates that you are reliant on someone for security and comfort. You don't want to be alone. Perhaps this dream is suggesting that you should stand up for yourself and discover your individuality. It may also symbolize that you have chosen to follow a different path or direction in your life.

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To dream about decorating indicates that you will find that your business ventures work out. In addition, you will find increasing enjoyment in social engagements.

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To dream that you are in a dormitory suggests the level to which you consider wisdom and education in your life. You could feel that you learn in every aspect of life. If you are residing in a dormitory at present, then you may simply be dreaming about your current situation.

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To dream that you are on the ground indicates your fundamentals and people that support you. It also indicates the barrier between your conscious and subconscious mind. You could be ready to deal with your subconscious feelings. This dream could be a play on words, indicating that you are 'grounded' in life. You may also be feeling as though you are being held back in other areas of your life.

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To dream of a harbor describes the human as a ship that is lost at sea and looking for shelter and relaxation. You are seeking a place to gather yourself and brace for all the challenges ahead.

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To dream of linens suggests a need for you to take things slow and imbibe the beauty and value of what you have. You should also appreciate people who truly matter to you.