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To dream that you are attending a baseball game signifies satisfaction and comfort of the mind.

If you are playing baseball, this suggests that you should set new goals and reach them. You must cease throwing away time and effort and think of a long-term vision. This dream could also have sexual undertones if you consider the terminology related to both: first base, second, etc. A baseball bat could represent male symbols and the ballpark could represent female aspects.

To dream of a baseball field being built, this represents unaddressed sexual problems.

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Seeing or lifting a baseball bat in a dream is symbolic of the urges that propel you. It might also be a play on words involving an 'old bat' (old woman). The bat might also represent a penis and therefore have a carnal meaning.

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To dream that you are playing or watching softball implies an urgent need for you to revert to your original opinions or perspectives. You should not attempt to take on too much responsibility. Remain in the scope of your understanding and abilities. Softball may also represent male and female attributes and how they differ from each other.

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To dream that you are playing a sport represents your ability to accept regulations of society. It also represents your skills, aptitudes, and the ability to attain your objectives. It may also reflect your feelings about a rough sexual encounter.

To dream that you are watching a sports competition indicates that you are confronted with contradicting perspectives and rival thoughts.

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To dream of playing kickball indicates a playful attitude toward your work. You feel a strong connection to your coworkers and have confidence that if you act as a team, you will accomplish your goals.

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Dreaming that you're batting or up to bat represents your anticipation for what is coming ahead and how you'll react to it.
If you dream about a batter who is up to bat and thinking whether he will hit home run or strike out means that you are uncertain about a situation that is approaching closer, so you are waiting and trying to anticipate on an unpredictable situation.

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A bobble head appearing in a dream is generally a mocking symbol. If the bobble head resembles you and it belongs to someone else, you feel that this person or a group of people either doesn't take you seriously or is making fun of you.
If you have a bobble head of someone else, consider the way you treat them in waking life. Your subconscious may be pointing out that you frequently or maybe unknowingly make this person feel bad.

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