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To dream that you are avoiding a person indicates that you possess some attribute or personality trait that you do not want to admit. Pay attention to the features of this person, and determine how they relate to your own features. This will help you to understand what trait you are trying to evade. This dream may also be a play on 'a void'. Perhaps there is an aspect or part of your life that feels empty or lonely.

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To dream that you have a phobia is an indication of the real fears you must face. Do not allow your fears to control your life.

Specific phobias call for specific interpretation. For example, fear of heights may mean you feel your position is not secure and you are afraid of failing in your life.

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To dream that you escape from jail or some place of confinement suggests that you wish to be free of some circumstance that is holding you down. On the contrary, this could be a way to evade responsibility over things that will not disappear.

To dream that you escape from injury indicates that you have good health and fortune. Things will work out your way.

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