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Aroma  No comments yet

To smell sweet aromas in your dream indicates that you will be presented with an award or reward in the near future. It also represents great happiness and bliss.

Lavender  1 commented on this dream

To dream of lavender symbolizes holiness and spirituality.

Mace  No comments yet

To dream of mace implies that you are struggling with impartiality and prejudice. You make decisions based on facts and practicality rather than intuition.

Magnolia  No comments yet

To dream of magnolias represents perfection, poise, grace, and sophistication. Perhaps these are qualities that you already possess or you may be striving to possess.

Odor  No comments yet

To dream that you smell a particular order indicates previous happenings and memories. Your dream is an attempt to evoke your personal connection and thoughts associated with that odor.

Parsley  No comments yet

To dream of parsley symbolizes triumph from and distinction for your accomplishments.

Rosemary  No comments yet

To dream of rosemary represents grief, recollection, and reflection.

Scent  No comments yet

*See Smell.

Smell  No comments yet

To dream of smelling something represents the emotions that you have associate with an older smell. Your subconscious wants you to remember how this smell made you feel. It's also possible that this smell is surrounding you and it is being absorbed into your dream.

Sweets  No comments yet

To dream of sweets symbolizes excess pleasure, eroticism, and prohibited fantasies. You may be denying yourself something that you really desire. It may also represent gifts and treats that you have received. This dream could also be referring to a significant other.

Bouquet  No comments yet

To dream that you receive or give a floral bouquet represents reverence, fondness, praise, generosity, awe, and adoration. It implies a restorative power.

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