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To see an army in your dream indicates that you are facing overwhelming obstacles and don't believe you are capable of victory.

To dream of joining the army implies that you harbor feelings of arrogance. You believe that you possess more efficient skills and talents than others.

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To dream that you are a member of the air force means that you need to take control of your spirituality.

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To dream of the military represents conformity and repercussions. Perhaps you are about to be reprimanded.

If you have served in the military, then this dream may reflect your recollections and actions during your service.

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To dream that you are in a crowd hints that it is about time to make some space for yourself. This further suggests a need to be alone so you may ponder some issues you are facing and perhaps regain the strength to deal with your endeavors. Your dream may also mean you are 'going along with the crowd,' which refers to your conformist nature and weak sense of distinctiveness.

To see an unruly crowd in your dream represents the heavy burden being pressed on you by the people you interact with. This will continue to bring you much anxiety.

To see an orderly crowd in your dream indicates assured gladness, agreeable friends and opportunities for advancement.

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To dream of a key chain is a symbol of opportunities about to become available to you. Note the type of decoration on the key chain - a sentimental object may mean the opportunity to succeed with a close colleague or family member.

Dreaming of a key chain dangling in a lock suggests a sudden surge of courage and the prospect of exciting adventure.

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A dream of participating in boot camp is generally your subconscious self remarking on your opinions of order, uniformity, and 'tough love' but it depends on the state of emotion in your dream. For instance, feeling miserable to be in boot camp may be a sign that you are getting exhausted from militaristic life style as of late. A dream of showing excitement to be in boot camp means your positive attitude is bringing good influence in your life.

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