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To see your arms in your dream indicates that you're a responsible individual who cares for others' safety. At the same time, this dream also indicates the struggles and challenges exist in your waking life.

To dream of an injured arm means that you can't adequately care for yourself or possibly suggests your feeling of helplessness in reaching out to others.

To dream of seeing one's arm amputated foretells that the person may be facing a separation or a divorce.

To have an arm broken suggests that your ability to hold onto something has been infringed.

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To see an army in your dream indicates that you are facing overwhelming obstacles and don't believe you are capable of victory.

To dream of joining the army implies that you harbor feelings of arrogance. You believe that you possess more efficient skills and talents than others.

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To dream that you are wearing armor represents the methods you utilize to protect your feelings and emotions from harm. You are afraid of letting others get too close to you, so you erect barriers to guard your inner self.

Armadillo  1 commented on this dream

To see an armadillo in your dream means that you should set limits and retain control of your life. It is possible that you are preventing others from seeing the person you really are. It also implies that you may be relying too much on someone else. You should stand up for yourself and be more independent. Don't let anyone take advantage of you.

Armageddon  1 commented on this dream

To dream about Armageddon indicates that you are suffering from depression. You are unable to manage important aspects of your life. This dream may be the result of deep turmoil and inner conflict.

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To dream of a coat of arms symbolizes your ancestry, heritage, and family line.

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Dreaming about arm wrestling with someone indicates that you need to face up to a current situation in your waking life.

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*See Couch.

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To dream of losing a limb symbolizes losing an aspect of yourself. You may feel disconnected from an integral part of your personality.

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To salute someone in a dream is to show respect.
To receive a salute in a dream indicates that you have respect for yourself and are proud of your accomplishments. You feel appreciated for your commitment and achievements in your daily life.

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