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To see an airplane in your dream signifies your ability to solve problems, conquer hardships, and elevate yourself to a higher position of importance.

To dream that you transfer planes represents a significant change that is happening to you or will happen in the future. This alteration will lead you towards different objectives and goals than you were previously aiming for. You will receive respect and importance.

To dream that a plane crashes indicates that you need to reassess your strategies in order to achieve your objectives. Your current methods are not proving successful. Your targets are unrealistic and unattainable. In addition, the crashing airplane may reflect doubt that you will be able to reach your ambitions. You are hesitant and unsure of your ability to achieve success.

To dream that an airplane is hijacked indicates that bothersome emotions still linger from your childhood, youth, or earlier years.

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A dream about seeing an airplane ticket is symbolic of your subconscious desire to escape or get away as far as possible from a place or situation. It could be as harmless as needing a well-deserved break from hard work, but it may very well imply that you have found yourself involved in potentially negative circumstances that are beyond your control. Use your dream as a guide and try to determine which best applies to you and go from there.

Furthermore, an airplane ticket in a positive dream scenario symbolizes a sense of adventure and desire for exploration. However, you do not necessarily need to physically go someplace else. The places in your dreams already exist within your own mind. This is a cue to start trying new hobbies and to see new experience as an exciting opportunity to learn something and grow as an individual.

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To dream of being a passenger indicates that you lack control and allow others to make decisions for you.

Seeing other passengers suggests much effort exerted in gaining the approval of others. You may sense that some people are leeching off you.

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To dream of seeing a flying machine suggests that you will move forward successfully with the ambitions and goals you have set forth.

To dream about a flying machine that doesn't work indicates that the things you are fretting over, or worrying about, will fail to alleviate your concerns.

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To dream that you are wearing a seat belt implies that you are having difficulty expressing your feelings. You must learn how to control negative emotions and stay focused.

To dream that you are having trouble putting on your seat belt represents concerns that you have regarding upcoming events or situations.

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To dream that you are skydiving represents your great principals and morals. Perhaps you should lower your morals slightly and set more practical and sensible ambitions.

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To dream of skywriting implies some sort of emotional or mental communication. It represents the bond within your body and mind. You are seeking comfort and support.

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To dream that you are flying generally suggests a feeling of being unencumbered where previously you may have been held down.

To dream that you are flying with ease and enjoying the view indicates that you are dealing with circumstances well. You have elevated above some situation and you may have found a different point of view on things. Dreams of flying and managing your flight is indicative of your own sense of empowerment.

If you're dreaming that you are having trouble staying in flight can represent a feeling of powerlessness. You may not feel as though you control your destiny. Things may be feeling as though they are getting the best of you. Barriers like power lines, trees, or mountains can represent people or things in life that are blocking your progress. You need to figure out who these people are.

If the landscape below your flight is full of green life then you will endure momentary humiliation but once that is past, then you will reap rewards.

To dream about seeing the sun while you're flying suggests concerns that have no power over you since you will succeed in spite of them.

To dream about flying through the firmament passing the moon and other planets indicates starvation, war, and the tragedies of ancient periods.

To dream that you are flying with black wings indicates that you may encounter terrible setbacks.

To fall while you're flying represents your ruin. If you wake while you are falling, then you will manage to pull yourself back up and reestablish yourself.

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To dream that you are presented a US visa signifies how you feel about the USA and what it means to you. An example would be if the United States represents freedom, then being issued a US visa can parallel a situation in your life where you are experiencing some new form of freedom. You may even be experiencing some sort of self-examination.
Alternatively, to dream of receiving a US visa in general indicates a desire for change in the way people see you. A visa means something different for everyone, depending on their visa status. To some, a visa may represent freedom or escape.
To another, a visa may represent legitimacy and reassurance.
A temporary visa may symbolize travel while a work visa may symbolize progress in your career. In all cases, a dream of a visa represents a desire for recognition and acceptance from others.

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To dream of taking a voyage or a long trip implies great luck and fortune. You will soon receive the benefits of an inheritance. Be aware, as it may not be money!

Conversely, if you see yourself taking a voyage that ends poorly, consider those around you. Your love may not be faithful to you.

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To dream of a jet flying overhead foretells business failures and shocking news from old friends.

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A heavy load in a dream represents doubt or stress in your life. To load a truck in your dream symbolizes an increasing weight of worry or responsibility which is causing you to move more slowly and may be holding you back from achieving your goals.