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To dream of air freshener means that it may be time for a whole new outlook on life. There is an unconscious suggestion to clean out your mind and cupboards, starting from scratch with the intention for clarity and joy.

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To dream of cold air symbolizes problems in your home life and difficulties with finances. You could be close to detaching yourself from the real world.

To dream about breathing hot air symbolizes malevolent forces surrounding you.

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Dreaming about an air bag symbolizes the presence of protection and safety at the moment in your waking life.
Alternatively, if you dream about seeing the airbag deploy in a vehicle, it is a sign of warning that you're about to get hit with a major setback if you continue the current pace in your life.

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To dream of an airport with high traffic means that you wish to be free, have ambitious goals, or possess elevated moral standings. This dream signals that you are ready for a new beginning. You have an idea that will take root and be successful. A new companion or career move could be coming.

To dream of an empty airport means that your trip or other plans could be altered or put on hold.

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To see an airplane in your dream signifies your ability to solve problems, conquer hardships, and elevate yourself to a higher position of importance.

To dream that you transfer planes represents a significant change that is happening to you or will happen in the future. This alteration will lead you towards different objectives and goals than you were previously aiming for. You will receive respect and importance.

To dream that a plane crashes indicates that you need to reassess your strategies in order to achieve your objectives. Your current methods are not proving successful. Your targets are unrealistic and unattainable. In addition, the crashing airplane may reflect doubt that you will be able to reach your ambitions. You are hesitant and unsure of your ability to achieve success.

To dream that an airplane is hijacked indicates that bothersome emotions still linger from your childhood, youth, or earlier years.

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Dreaming of an air raid implies that you have left yourself open for psychic attack; you may have been holding negative views of life that has in turn left you vulnerable to experiencing even more negativity. To remedy this situation you may need to seek help to release your negative view and begin to reprogram yourself to think more positively.

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Seeing an air horn in a dream is symbolic of your subconscious attempt to signal your conscious mind. This may be a helpful reminder of an important date or event, but it can also be a forewarning of something related to it. Pay special attention and act accordingly to prevent any mistake.
On the other hand, an air horn in your dream just means you have a loud, outgoing personality.

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To dream of seeing the air show indicates that a risk you have taken in the past is now finally starting to pay off. It's a good omen which implies that you're on your way in achieving your goals thus you want others be known about it.

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To dream that you are a member of the air force means that you need to take control of your spirituality.

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Playing the Air Hockey table game in a dream is symbolic of your good old childhood experiences or memories.
Alternatively, it means an ongoing debate or disagreement with someone you know very well. If this has been going on back and forth for quite some time, now is the good time to be the bigger person and resolve it.

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To dream that the air conditioner is not working indicates that you are anxious and tense. A certain aspect or circumstance in your life has you feeling nervous and apprehensive.

To see or feel the air conditioner in your dream symbolizes release of pressure and stress. You are no longer concerned or upset about a problem or disagreement

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To dream of looking up at the clear blue sky implies that your life is full of serenity, and you are open and able to speak your mind. If the sky is cloudy and overcast, then it indicates that you will soon be faced with hardship and anguish.

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To dream that you are chewing gum implies that you are having difficulties communicating your feelings and emotions. It may also represent a difficult issue that you are dealing with.

To dream that you are unable to get rid of your gum indicates that you are uncertain of how to handle a certain situation. You don't comprehend an issue or circumstance or you are feeling pressured by someone or something.

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To dream of being caught in a gale indicates that you may suffer business losses and that you could struggle for some time.

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To dream of rust forming on iron or tin implies that you need to take better care of yourself, another person, or a certain possession. It also represents the progression towards the end of life. This dream may symbolize a negative environment which includes loss of wealth or untrue peers.

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To dream of the wind blowing represents your life force, vigor, and energy. It is a reflection of any changes in your waking life. To see gusty or strong winds is a representation of trouble and inner turmoil. There is much anxiety in your waking life.

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To dream of a jet flying overhead foretells business failures and shocking news from old friends.

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To dream of receiving mail indicates that a message is coming your way; possibly news long hoped for.

To be sending mail suggests you have the solution to another person's problem. Although it is usually wise to wait until you are asked for advice, this time it could be beneficial to come forward with your information.

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To dream of hearing majestic anthems from an organ represents long-term friendships and stable fate.

To notice an organ in a church suggests the unfortunate parting of families.

To dream that you are playing an organ bodes of luck coming upon you. Your dream about the organ may also signify social prestige coming your way.

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To dream of reeds represents your ability to easily adapt to the changing circumstances of your waking life.

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A dream of a Libra symbolizes a desire to draw upon the libra's classic character strengths where they exist in your own personality. These traits include a strong moral compass and a belief in romance. The symbol of the Libra is the scales, which may indicate that you are struggling to make a fair and balanced decision.