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To dream that an account is awaiting payment could indicate that you may be entwined in a lawsuit. Be careful about who you loan money to. If your dream is about you holding an account over someone else, you may face a difficult road ahead in areas of your business.

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A dream in which you are an accountant indicates objectivity toward someone or something and shows that you are thoughtfully considering things.

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To dream that you've been accused by a female of something, information upcoming will not be in your favor. If you proved your character, however, then your troubles will be defeated. If your accuser was male, your success in life will exceed your expectations. If you accused someone else, rethink your relationships; yours could be headed for trouble, in either romance or friendship.

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To dream that you are a bookkeeper implies that you must try to synchronize all aspects of your life. It may also mean that you need to accept responsibility and admit your faults or flaws.

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To dream that you are keeping a ledger implies that you will soon find yourself in a compromising situation that you will have to resolve on your own. If the accounts on the ledger show good financial standing, then it means that a situation will likely improve towards the end. If accounts on the ledger are in the red, brace yourself, as it means that future outcome of your plans and projects does not look promising.

To dream that you misplaced your ledger signifies that what you have initially planned will not materialize because of important details that you have overlooked.

To dream that there are errors in your ledger indicates that you will be dragged into some petty disputes which will result in some negligible losses.

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To dream of a cashier implies a money worry that needs reigning in before it gets out of control. There is a suggestion of fear that if you let yourself have what you want in life others may miss out, causing you to feel guilty.

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To dream of a recital represents a struggle with public perceptions of you. To be a great success in a recital in your dream indicates that you will meet success with a creative path in life.

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Dealing with bills in a positive way in a dream, such as organizing them or paying them without issue, represents things going according to plan.
Dreaming of being stressed about bills, bills literally piling up and up, or not being able to pay them represents growing responsibility and your struggles literally and figuratively.

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