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To dream of the press suggests you are aware of your surroundings, and are getting involved. Dreaming of the press conveys what you discern about your surroundings.
To dream of the press chasing you indicates that someone may be intruding into your private life.

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*See Gift.

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To dream of the president is associated with power and authority. It may depict your personal assessment of the president.

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To dream that you are embracing your lover warns of arguments, misunderstandings, or a differing of opinion due to a lack of faithfulness.

To dream that you embrace a stranger indicates that an unwanted person will visit.

To dream about embracing family suggests that they may become ill or they are not satisfied.

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To dream of a pin cushion indicates that stinging comments or painful statements have been thrown at you. You sense others are using and abusing you. Dreaming of a pin cushion may also refer to your intentions of causing harm to others people with your burning remarks and negative approach.

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To dream that you are pushing something stands for power, effort, motivation, and a new drive to achieve greater heights in life. Look into your actual circumstances as your dream might be pointing to a real 'pushover' in your life.

A dream of yourself being pushed or pushing something or someone symbolizes your mental and emotional state; perhaps you are going through extreme stress or you are feeling the weight of being forced to do something against your will.

On the other hand, your dream may be an indication that you need to push for excellence. It is also possible that you are having difficulties meeting your deadlines.

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To dream that you are under stress may refer to pressures you are facing in your life. You cannot seem to escape these emotions, even in your sleep. The dream may be representing hardship, disapproval, or condemnation that you are receiving from others. Perhaps you should take a break and relax. Try to get away from the pressures of life and cleanse yourself spiritually.

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To dream of violence or a violent act is meant to remind you of anger that you have tried to hide from those around you. It is likely that your life lacks structure and discipline. A dream in which violence is prevalent may also indicate memories of child abuse that you have locked away.

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To dream of the weather represents your current emotional state. For example, if your waking life is filled with aggression, you may dream of storms. If you dream of rainbows, your waking life will soon see a fortuitous event. Reading about the weather is an indication that a move is coming. Be ready to pack up your belongings and move into your new home.

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A dream in which you see or participate in a battle is a sign that you are working too hard. You should take some time off. It's also an indication of a clash between your levelheaded thoughts and impetuous acts.

The battle can also indicate sexuality, and that you are too aroused or might be restraining your desires.

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To dream that you are blackmailing someone implies that you strive to win at any cost, even if it means hurting someone else.

To dream that you are being blackmailed indicates that you feel vulnerable and exposed. You are doubting your potential to succeed. It may also represent a 'black male' who you associate with.

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To dream of seeing something burning symbolizes powerful feelings of desire or yearning, especially in regards to sex. You have been trying to sidestep a certain situation that can no longer be overlooked. It may also mean that you are becoming too stressed and you should get away from the burdens of life. A vacation may be in your near future.

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To dream of cheese is an indication that you may soon find yourself a recipient of substantial wealth, rewards, or benefits. You may be elevated to a higher social status or a higher level of importance.