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To dream of a marriage represents change, harmony, and obligations. You are facing a significant stage in your life where you will begin a new journey. It may also symbolize the joining of your various attributes and characteristics, especially the male and female attributes.

To dream of a marriage proposal indicates that some issue will influence you negatively.

To dream that you are getting married to your ex implies that you have come to terms with lessons and errors that you made in that relationship. You have been able to grow and discover new truths about yourself. It may also suggest that if you are in a relationship now, there are similar aspects as your previous relationship. You will not commit similar errors though. You have learned how to make changes.

*See Wedding.

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To dream of a wedding indicates your life is about to change. An aspect of your waking life is ending, but another is about to begin. In many cases, you may feel negatively about the wedding you see in your dreams. This is typically meant to bring to mind a fear or anxiety from your waking life. You may have some feelings of sorrow, or a loved one may soon pass. Conversely, it may indicate a fear of commitment. Consider your relationships; are you getting ready to take one to the 'next level?' Are you scared to do so?

If you dream of remarrying your husband or wife symbolizes your strong love and faith to each other. Marriage has suited you well. Your marriage may be about to change as well. Are you considering starting a family?

If you are dreaming of planning your wedding, but have never met your future spouse, it is an indication that you have found harmony and balance between your feminine and masculine sides.
Conversely, you may be struggling from a lack of balance between your more instinctive side and your softer emotional nature.

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To dream of a wedding dress foreshadows new and exciting experiences. You may meet people who you will grow to cherish as valued friends.

A dirty wedding dress indicates an argument with a close friend and possible loss of that friendship.

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To dream of being forced to marry, such as a shotgun wedding, should be viewed as a warning. You will soon find yourself at the center of an uncomfortable or unhappy situation. If you appear dissatisfied with your own wedlock it is an indication you may be subconsciously considering an affair in your waking life.

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To dream of your wife symbolizes unresolved issues and discord.

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To dream that you fail to receive a dowry suggests that you will be required to extend every effort in life and deal with a lot of the harsh aspects of business. You may also believe that you will exist without money.

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To dream that you are engaged to be married suggests your desire for intimacy or companionship. You could be attempting to quell your sense of isolation.

To dream that you end an engagement suggests a quick choice about something vital that you should think through.

To dream about a business engagement indicates fear or anxiety within your career life.

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To dream about you intermarrying, represents arguments, misunderstandings, and early signs of difficulties in the future.

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To dream of Demeter is a powerful sign of impending marriage, possibly of someone close to you. There is also the likelihood of a fertile season ahead for you and your loved ones.

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A dream about an in-law represents scrutiny and insecurity in regards to new responsibilities. You may have recently experienced a promotion but be having conflict with your boss. This person has strong influence upon your life and you may feel the problems someone is causing you for an unexpected downside of a greater reward.
Alternatively, to dream of your in-law symbolizes an evolving working relationship. The dream may also be a hint to strictly adhere to the rules and be mindful of your actions.

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A wedding cake in a dream symbolizes hope and confidence in the future. To eat wedding cake in a dream symbolizes sexuality and marital harmony.