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To dream of seeing a kitchen represents a need to nurture your spiritual life. It also predicts that you will be met with some disheartening news.

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To dream of utensils implies that you are very creative and inspirational. It represents your enthusiasm to assist those in need.

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To see an apron in your dream indicates dedication and devotion to an obligation, particularly if it pertains to your personal or home life. It may also represent a feeling of security and privacy.

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To dream about baking suggests that you possess talents for success and inventiveness. If you are combining different elements that normally don't blend, this indicates that you should search for the relationship between two independent objects or events. Sometimes these seemingly non-complementary items could show beneficial results.

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To dream of a blade indicates that you need to make some life-altering choices. It is necessary to thoroughly review the different options that are presented to you. It may also mean that you should ensure that all parts of your life are in harmony with each other.

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To dream that you are cooking implies that you want to manipulate others into needing your help or your presence. You hope that others can look up to you for guidance and wisdom. It may also suggest that you long to take care for others and comfort them. You are seeking affection and closeness.

To dream that you have difficulties cooking means that you need to stop exerting so much energy getting people to accept you.

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To dream of a microwave symbolizes your ability to take charge of a situation. You should focus on different and more efficient methods of resolving issues.

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To dream of a garbage can indicates the importance of letting a guilty thought go. A garbage can with an open lid is reminding you that you are safe to release the guilt about a significant situation in your waking life. To dream of throwing something into a garbage can likely indicates that your healing is already taking place and you are moving into a healthier emotional mind space.

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A juicer in a dream represents a desire to understand a deeper meaning. You are searching for the essence of a problem, to understand the inner workings of a friend. Alternatively a juicer in a dream may symbolize health or a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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In a dream, paper towels symbolize temporary assistance.
To run out of paper towels in a dream indicates that you feel a need to reconnect with those around you, but there is a barrier in the communication.

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Dreaming of appliances indicates a desire to settle down and establish your own domestic space. A dream in which you are using an appliance may be a sign that you have become overly reliant on someone but have failed to show your appreciation.